Mt. Laundry blues

Concerning my lack of posting about Darcy's big eye exam on Tuesday. 

With an art show at preschool,

 Caleb making his elephant face in front of his elephant.
 Kylie underneath her owls.
a park play date,
(no Mamarazi that day)
a trip to the zoo,
 About Caleb and smiling...
take two of Lottie's gymnastics birthday party,
 The parachute is really fun!
Caleb's spring recital,
 My sweet little ladybug (his class sang only one song ~ "Oh I wish I was a Little Ladybug") when he saw his daddy in the crowd. 
several doctor's visits,
(no camera at any of those)
and Skyping ~ twice now ~ with my niece and nephew
(when I should be completing household chores)
all in the past week,
I've fallen behind. 

So far behind that I I've developed a new system of laundry for our house.  It involves getting things clean and SEMI-folded and leaving them on the couch for family members to forage through when they need something. Miraculously the kids seem to know not to mess with it, no one has touched the "clean side" of Mt. Laundry who has been building for over a week.

Here's a visual.

Taken Monday before three more "super size" loads were added ~ the basket holds socks and undergarments.

When the doctor's visits and other "out of the ordinary extra events" slow down I MAY go back to complete folding and putting laundry away. 

But for now this is working for us...

Anyone with me?

**I totally blame that pile of clothing that is now taunting me for not being able to concentrate to put together thoughts on Tuesday's eye appointment for Darcy.  If I don't get to Skype with Traci and her kids tonight I may try to do that.**


Anonymous said...

OK - seriously, how great is the elephant nose!!!?? I love that! and BTW, that is what we do with our laundry pile and Gene and I don't have any kids yet! haha. - Crickett

C.C. said...

Girl, I feel your pain with the laundry. There is *always* at least 2 loads dirty, clean and unfolded, folded but not put away or any combination of those;-)

Hope Darcy's appointment went well. Can't wait to hear!

The Ferrill's said...

I'm with you. But mine consume our spare bedroom. And it's not dirty clothes or clean clothes. It's SPRING/SUMMER clothes, pulled down from the attic, waiting to be tried on, sorted through, and put away. TEN buckets of them. TEN. Did I mention TEN?
I'm so thankful for hand-me-down clothes! Even though they require a LOT of sorting.

I loved reading about your mystery trip! What fun!

We've been praying for Darcy and that those eye drops are doing their THANG!!!!!

Alabama hugs,

Ann Marie said...

Tip from a fellow mommy of many...different color laundry baskets with each child's name on them. Folded clothes go into the right basket and into their rooms. That way if it never get's put away it's ok because they can still find things. Don't forget a basket for mom and dad too.

Anonymous said...

I have been following your blog since Caleb, congrats on your family they are beautiful. Laundry.....ugh in January I started this rule, I fold and put in pile and everyone takes care of there own. I sometimes have to rearrange things later with them not knowing. This has worked for our family, Daddy even takes care of his own. My girls are 7 and 5.
Good luck. Love reading your blog.
Penny in Pa
Mom to Ciara Jiangxi and Caelyn Guangxi

Larry and Carol said...

Not to worry!!! I think I'll try this method with Uncle Larry and Samantha.

Donna said...

Oh yes. I see your laundry pile. I have many of my own - you can just imagine what happens when the little clothes become bigger.
No - nevermind - don't imagine it. It'll keep you up at night....

Cindy M said...

Um, a couple of weeks ago I did 12...TWELVE...loads of laundry in a day and a half, and I was still behind. Thank the Lord our laundry room is upstairs. Every week or so I beg, plead and harrass until the hanging laundry is put away. At least every other week, I don't even care if it gets done.

I do have a small square laundry basket for each bedroom (big girls share because I would rather have a tooth extracted than figure out whose clothes belong to whom). They sit at the end of my bed. Folded clean laundry goes right in there, and they are not allowed to take the basket to their rooms unless they are emptying it. Otherwise, they dump dirty laundry in it or pillage through it until it looks like dirty laundry. Then my head spins off. Not pretty.

I think your system is beautiful, by the way. And I love you even more for it. Thank you so much for posting a photo of it.

Laurie said...

Love the laundry shot. Mine would be:

Monday: Folded clothes on bed, ready to put away
Tuesday: Folded clothes on floor cause I forgot to do it.
Wednesday: Folded clothes on bed cause I WILL do it today!
Thursday: Folded clothes on floor cause I was too tired when it came time for bed to put them away....

You get the picture! :)

LOVED seeing your sister and hubby holding their TWO kiddos. SO beautiful!!

Di said...

I love all these photos! The kids look like they are all enjoying themselves! And I love the pile of laundry! I live alone and I have the smaller version of it in my bedroom!!

Melissa said...

Wow, you just made me feel SO normal looking at your laundry...and we only have ONE little man! Thank goodness, that I'm not the only one who's house looks that:)

Tricia said...

Mt. Laundry--I have one at my house too. Clean and folded. I have to admit it makes me feel yucky. I like to have it all put away and out of sight. Just wait until your kids start sports. It's like it takes Mt. Laundry and multiplies it by 10. It's unbelievable.

Why didn't your mom put it all away before she left? ;)

Nancy said...

I hate laundry! :)

Glenda said...

Boy, do I ever identify. When we told you that going from 2 to 3 was easier, we should have said, "except for the laundry" Try not to worry about it. It will still be there waiting for you when you get to it! I've missed ready your posts.

Rachelle said...

I have a chair that looks just like that... except the children have not left it alone and nothing is folded any longer. :( I'm considering the laundry mat to try and get the rest of it all done at once.

Kathy said...

You are one busy mama!! What fun with the kids though. Great pictures. And I love all the creative and humorous comments about laundry.
Love, Kathy

Andrea said...

That is one busy schedule girl! I applaud your "work around" and wish for you a nice lazy day to conquer that mountain.

Lisa said...

Yep...hate laundry. It's the worst of all household chores in my book. It's only done if you are naked.