"I born in China?"

A conversation with Caleb from earlier today.

C ~ "Mommy, why you wear dat necklace (pointing to my jade bracelet) on your arm?" 

Me ~ "Well honey, your Grandma bought it for me when we were in China when we met Kylie.  I wear it to think of where my babies came from."

C ~ "I come from China?"

Me ~ (thinking, "Really?  We talk about this all the time...") "Yes honey, you are from China."

C ~ "I born in China?"

Me ~ "Yes sweetie, you were born in China."

C ~ "And Kylie born in China?"

Me ~ "Yes."

C ~ "And Darcy?"

Me ~ "Yes, Darcy too."

C ~ "And you and Daddy?"

Me ~ "No honey, Mommy and Daddy were born here in America."

C ~ "You not born me?"

Me ~ (deep sigh) "No honey."

C ~ "I not grow in your bew-ye."

Me ~ "No, you grew in someone's belly in China.  Mommy and Daddy met you when you were two, do you still remember when you met Mommy and Daddy?"  (for a while he claimed that he did remember meeting us though we haven't heard that for a while.)

C ~ (long pause)  "Oh."

Me ~ silence, waiting for him to process what he just confirmed.

C ~ (another long pause) "Yeah."

Me ~ still silence, deciding what to say next.

C ~ (even LONGER pause) "I yike ride in Gran-ma car.  Her car green.  It drive fast!"

Gotta love the attention span of a 3 1/2 year old boy.


Rachelle said...

Don't ya just want to know what is going on in those little minds?

The Ferrill's said...

Okay, so I'm guessing from the Cars addiction in China to loving green cars that drive fast....Caleb has a thing for cars, huh? Who woulda guessed? ;)

The Ferrill's said...

P.S. Also, did he SO just tattle on Gran-ma? ;)

Nancy said...

Awww... sweet. I wonder what our "belly" conversations will be like in the future.

Our Journey said...

Too it! But, oh so true!

Laurie said...

A little bit at at time, right? :) He's processing a LOT!

Leslie said...

Aw, that is just the cutest thing. He grew in your heart for a long time. =) Who would have known that other bew-yes could have had such an effect on little Caleb. I hope they never ask me about how the babies are going to get out (or how they got there in the first place)...

Angela said...

I remember being so scared about when to talk to Jordan about being adopted and how much to tell him, etc. Then one day he started asking questions and it was perfect.

C.C. said...

Wow, he's got a very good understanding for a 3 year old! Sweet:-)

Jennifer Taylor said...

I love it! He is so precious!

Nicole said...

He's 3?? Really? Seems so big for such a tiny tike! Love it all, too sweet!

TanyaLea said...

oh, the conversations with our little ones... I pray for wisdom when my turn comes! Such a precious story. And then he breaks it with the whole Gran-ma's fast car story...too cute!! ;)


Tricia said...

He's so cute. And Grandma's car can go fast!!