A dozen days home

It seems amazing to me that we've already been home over a week.  Cause if you asked me how long we've been back I'd probably say just a few days.  And yet when I reflect upon it I guess we have squeezed a lot in.

**The first day feels like it shouldn't count.   I don't recall much of it beyond a blur of being thankful that all the kids slept until nearly eleven (in their own beds), our laundry was completed by our mothers, my sister helped me unpack all the suitcases, and I made it to an urgent care clinic and thankfully accepted my meds to get me on the road to recovery from walking pneumonia.**

We had three visits as a family of five to local parks.    (Saturday and Sunday of the first weekend and Saturday of the second).

Kylie declared that she wanted to walk to get some exercise.  She made it about a mile around the lake before she decided the stroller looked good.

 What's a trip to the park without a little pine cone throwing contest?

You know, we actually did get our share of second looks when the kids were all in the stroller.  Guess the "stairstep" look threw folks off.

**Two trips unrecorded with digital images.  I'll chalk leaving the camera at home during those trips up to mommy brain ~ I missed recording Darcy scaling the rock wall at "our park" for the first time.  It appears that we've got a rock climber on our hands.**

We blew out candles on birthday cupcakes,

 opened gifts,

 and enjoyed being the brother of the birthday girl, cause that meant cupcakes for dessert
 TWO days in a row.

We had a brief visit from my little bro ~ otherwise known as "Unca Ah-wex."

We've learned to sign for more which has REALLY helped to ease frustration (help, please, drink, and eat are also in the repertoire).

We've played individually

 and in pairs

 (Kylie and Caleb thankfully are still a dynamic duo, I guess I haven't taken pictures of the two of them because I'm so used to it)
and of course there have been the trio moments.
(photo documented in other posts since we've been home)

We've also had a few doctor's visits (opthalmalogist, pediatrician, neurologist) for Darcy, back to preschool for the older kids, church, and several visits from friends bringing dinner.

There have been a few minor skirmishes among the munchkins, but overall Ian and I find ourselves wondering how this time the transition feels so seamless.  Maybe it is her personality, maybe it is that all three are in the "imaginative play" stage and can self entertain or play in pairs or even trios, maybe it is that we didn't just move here 12 days before we headed to China, maybe there is truth in all those folks saying that "2 to 3 is WAY easier than 1 to 2."  Whatever it is, we are feeling so amazingly blessed by God that we are being allowed to parent these three.

So much more to say.  Church Sunday was amazing ~ perspective that is life altering.  Thoughts are still swirling in my mind on that one and I want to get my post about it "just right."  There is also much to report on our visit with the neurologist, and what is coming concerning Darcy's eye.  Not to mention pictures to share of my kids at a gymnastics birthday party.  Oh, and the fact that my little sister leaves in the morning for Taiwan to meet her children!!!

But right now I'm tired.  And I'm headed to bed for a blissful night's sleep.  I almost am afraid to write (for fear that it may jinx us) that all three kids have slept through the night for three nights in a row now.  Perhaps daylight savings worked to our benefit?


Suzette said...

Looks like your family is adapting beautifully! What a sweet bunch of children you have! How old is the little one you just adopted if you don't mind me asking? We are going next month(hopefully) to get our little Lia. She just turned four and I wonder if signing will be the best way to communicate. I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Congratulations on your new family!

Ann Marie said...

The transition from 2-3 is easier for sure...hate to tell you but 3-4 is even easier...I'll tell you about 4-5 in about 8 weeks I hope. :) So very glad all is going well.


Tricia said...

Glad things are going so smoothly. Um, what is Kylie wearing on her head in the book reading picture?? :)

Sharon said...

Ah, the life of a mom of blessed and yet busy, busy and it will stay that way...I know you love every minute of it!

Gavin's Family said...

So glad every thing is going well and that you feel the move from 2-3was easier then 1-2. I'm praying the move from 3-4 is a breeze.
Hey... I sent you an e-mail but don't know if you got it.

Nancy said...

Great post! You guys have been been busy but sounds like you are getting into a groove! How are Darcy and Maya adjusting to each other?

Jenny Wheelis said...

God is good.... all the time! Love hearing about all the joys in your days!

Lisa said...

Wow, you have been busy! Praise God for the easy transition and sleep filled nights. I have a friend with four who agrees that 1 to 2 is the hardest. Once you do that, the rest are no problem. does four sound?