Life rolls on

It's sorta funny how we've known about Darcy for so long now and yet just Monday our family expanding once again became "real" to me. Yes, I've known for nearly 11 months that I'd have three kids within 364 days of each other in age, but I knew that in my head. For such a long time I've been somewhat guarding my heart, just in case somewhere at some level someone decided to say, "No."

But Friday we learned of our TA, (we did celebrate by going to Pei Wei, but chose to keep it quiet until we knew when our travel dates would be) and I let down my guard. And then finding out on Monday that I would be standing in a room with ALL THREE of my children in a mere 19 days filled my heart with a new joy.

"Getting ready" has kicked into high gear. By 8pm Monday night we had purchased plane tickets. By noon on Tuesday our hotel for our extra days at the beginning in Shanghai, and a private mini-van to transport us from Shanghai to Hangzhou had been arranged. Now we wait for our "in country" itinerary to find out where we'll be staying in Hangzhou and Guangzhou. All gifts have been purchased, we've started making packing lists, and tonight Ian and I are going on a clothes shopping date to get my man at least one pair of jeans that don't have holes in them. I'm still working on stocking the freezer and making sure that I use up all things that will go bad or expire while we're gone. I've got notes to remind myself to: let the preschool know Kylie and Caleb will miss three weeks worth of school, go over details with our dog/house sitter, and make sure we arrange all bills to be electronically paid. There are doctor visits to schedule and Kylie's 4th "Princess/dress-up/tea party birthday party" (her b-day is six days after we get home) to plan. And the list continues to grow!

And despite all the preparations, normal life still rolls on. I have two three year olds here with me right now that want my love and attention.

Luckily I learned my lesson (check it out here,) from preparing to meet Caleb and have stopped to take time during the day to enjoy it with my kids!


Cindy M said...

Cool!! I've always wanted to go to Shanghai! Can't wait to see the sights through your eyes!

Girl, you make me tired and WAY impressed with your organization. At least the next time around for us, I'll have the older girls packing themselves. So that would only leave me...three to pack for. Yeah, much easier.

And you might want to leave a little room in your bags for me and Donna. You're killing both of us, just so you know.

Love ya!

Our Journey said...

Can't wait to follow your trip. And dito Cindy -- you are SOOOO WAY TOO organized! Good for you!

NaiNai said...

I'm overwhelmed - so much happening so fast. How do you do it??!! I'm so excited for you. Please let me know if there is any way I can help. Of course I will be praying that all your preparations go smoothly. I'm glad you are taking time to enjoy the process. These are precious memories!! I am beside myself with joy. Hugs for all of you.
Love, Grandma M.

Nancy said...

Wow, you have so much going on right now! I wish I lived closer so I could help stock your freezer or watch Maya. I am so glad you are enjoying your children in the midst of everything.

Rachelle said...

WOO HOO! Darcy will be in your arms before you know it! So excited to watch you travel!

Melanie & David said...

Yeah - so exciting. We'll be thrilled to follow your journey! We may overlap some days in Shanghai - keep us posted on that. Glad you have resolved transportation to Hangzhou. I have loved and appreciated every one of your comments on our blog - thanks! Do pack the chick a filet knives! I sent an email about blogger stuff - hope you got it. We'll be following along. Melanie, David, Indigo and Isaac

Anonymous said...

Makes me want to cry! (for several reasons)
1. I understand the 'kicking in' feeling! Wow! my to-do-list is longer than ever
2. I feel overwhelmed because I don't know what I need.
3. I am missing so much of your kids and your lives...
4. I'll miss Darcy coming home!
Aunt Cici

Amanda said...

You make me tired! It is ALL I can do these days to plan a birthday party!!! Good luck with all the preparations. I am so excited for the 3 of you.

Lisa said...

You are one organized cookie!!! I didn't feel that on top of my game until a few days before we left. Maybe, it gets easier each time?

Love that you got some beautiful snow!

Anonymous said...

Kristi- So Happy for you guys!!!! Tears of joy when I think of you having Darcy in your arms on the
Praying for you guys and Gods protection for the trip....woo hoo Girl get your bags packed!!!!