To Pierson

Happy 5th birthday my handsome nephew!

When I saw your picture for the first time on August 2nd last year I hoped you would be home by now (obviously not quite as much as your mommy and daddy, but REALLY close)!

It was so fun to watch the video of your Skype conversation when you met your mommy and daddy! Getting to see you interact with them melted my heart. Oh how I wish your Uncle Ian and I could come along on the trip to meet you in person, but with the way things look, we may be able to meet up in Hong Kong or Tokyo with you guys as we are on our way home with your newest cousin.

Kylie and Caleb want to watch the video of their "talking cousins" all the time and Caleb keeps saying Hello every time he hears you and your sister say it. We look forward to watching you guys play together.

I hate that we miss this birthday with you, but oh the joys of those to come! We love you!


Tricia said...

It didn't occur to me that he and Jami have the same birthday.

Pam said...

Happy 5th Birthday, sweet boy! I pray that you are home with your mommmy and daddy SOON! We are also celebrating a birthday today, without our birthday boy. Sigh...

Jenn said...

Happy birthday to sweet Pierson! Praying that the Lord is preparing your precious heart for what is to come!

Grandma Shultz said...

Happy birthday my precious grandson. Can't wait to get your here from Taiwan. Then I can love on you often. If you could only understand how much love is already in so many hearts for you.
LaoLao (Grandma Shultz)

Nancy said...

Happy birthday! I hope you get to come home very soon!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday. I know you and your whole family wish he were here to celebrate! How cool Kristi, our nephews share a birthday. Today is Calvin's birthday!!


Cindy M said...

Hong Kong?! Woohoo! I hope it works out for all of you! I'll be happy to share a couple of tips if Hong Kong works out. I can't WAIT to go back there! And Happy Birthday to your little nephew! What wonderful things are in store for your family this year!

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes happy birthday my sweet baby boy!
ok, so I know that he is not a baby anymore but he is my baby! And always will be!
Pierson's Mommy
Aunt CiCi