So I guess I'm not a princess after all

I failed the "pea under the mattress" test. Look what I found under my shoulder in my bed this morning.

Guess I'm one tired Mama...
**Note ~ in response to my sister's comment ~ No, Guido was NOT under the mattress or even under the fitted sheet. He was just there in my bed.**

Guido (one of Caleb's Christmas presents ~ from the Cars movie if you don't have a youngster in your life) had been missing for several days (yes, several days ~ could I really have been sleeping on the little metal car for more than one night?) and my son has been quite distraught over it. I moved myself up to hero status in his eyes when I brought his prized "Wee-do" out to him!

Oh, and yes, those are our Christmas flannel sheets. Simply haven't had the energy (or desire to spend time in our storage closet in the arctic weather) to put our decorations up yet.


Anonymous said...

I could have saved you time and told you that... you wouldn't have had to take the "pea test". hehe :) that is what sisters are for right?

So was the car under the matress I hope? If not you really have some sensory issues...

Oh little Caleb.. you are so cute.
Aunt Cici

Ann Marie said...

And all this time I thought I knew a real live princess. Don't feel bad I've fallen asleep in my clothes (and slept all night) a few times in the last month. Not a good sign. :)


Ann Marie

Tricia said...

I'm sorry you're not a princess, but at least you're a hero! We just passed several of those little fork lifts off to Traci for Pierson. I think he's so cute.

Nancy said...

Glad you found his beloved car! Love the sheets!

Anonymous said...

Dont worry about the princess status I am sure that you will earn it back over many cups of pretend tea and dress up with your girls in the near future. As for the truck that is just funny! Glad that you earned your hero badge wear it proudly.

Julie Shively

Sharon said...

LOVE that!!! Hudson LOVES cars and today had to get the ambulance since he rode in one...he too, knows whenever one is missing...they are the cutest!!!