"My airplane friend!"

One fun added benefit of adopting ~ we've made new friends across the country! Friday morning Kylie, Caleb and I took advantage of being in the same part of the state to visit with a "Hanna Tare" (Anna Claire) and "Tate" (Kate) ~ friends we made last year on the way to and in China.

Kylie, Caleb, Kate, and Anna Claire
Four of the cutest kids I ever did see!

The last time we saw these two sweet girls was on November 5 of last year, the day all the other families in our travel group flew home to the states and we flew back to Beijing for our venture on our own in the capital city. And while it had been a full year, Kylie still frequently asked when she could play with her airplane friend again.

Ky and AC on Friday
Ky and AC looking like they are cooking up trouble in Beijing on the tour bus...

It was sweet to watch the kiddos act shy for about five minutes and then fall back into a comfortable rhythm of playing and giggling together.

"Really, do we have to hug?" ~ Caleb and Kate
Luke, Henry, Kate, Eli, Caleb, and Zach ~ the only picture I have of Kate and Caleb together in one shot from our trip.

And Pam and I sure enjoyed catching up on our latest adoption sagas ~ we've covered a lot via email, but it was nice to chat face to face!

All too soon nap times were calling our kiddos and we had to say goodbye. I sure hope that we manage to catch up with this precious family (and hopefully more of them next time!) again before another year passes. Besides, we want to meet sweet little Charlie soon after he comes home!


Allison said...

Well, dang! I wish I had known y'all were in town. I would have loved to have met up too! Looks like a fun time.

Michelle said...

How sweet to have a family to celebrate with and go through the process with again.

Jenn said...

Such sweet friendships! That has just been a super added bonus I never imagined before our adoption!

Love the pic of Kate and Caleb! Soooo cute!!

Laurie said...

That's sweet! I loved following along with that sweet family when you were in China last. Maybe you guys can go together to get Charlie and Darcy. How cool would THAT be? :)

Nancy said...

Wow, that's amazing how much all the kids have changed in a year. I'm so glad you had the time to spend with some special friends. I love how adoption brings new friends into our lives too... another added bonus!!

Our Journey said...

How sweet that you all were able to get together. Such sweet little pictures. And WOW..just a year ago they looked SOOOO little!

Anonymous said...

cutie pies!
Aunt Cici