A little Christmas Cheer (UPDATE)

I still remember the very first time I heard Adam Cline sing. He was the new youth director at our church at the time. One Sunday morning a few months after he started, he stands up during the offertory ~ guitar in hand ~ with none of the youth standing behind him. And I remember thinking, "What in the world is he doing?"

Then he says, "This morning I'm gonna teach you a new song..."

And I remember thinking, "Oh man, he's great with the youth and all, but this congregation is a tough crowd. His speaking voice is pleasant, but this could end in disaster. What is he thinking?"

(I only share this because I told him all this that very day...)

Then he started strumming the guitar and opened his mouth and started singing. The song was "Breathe" and I was mesmerized. Totally and completely mesmerized. His voice was beautiful!

And slowly we began to see his talent as a musician. Frequently on Sunday afternoons Ian and I would walk into the church to help out with the youth and we'd hear Adam tinkering on the piano, working on new arrangements to familiar hymns. From time to time he'd ask for our opinions on a new song he'd compose on his guitar. (One of my all time favorites is one that evoked a melancholy feeling, I don't think he ever named it, but I'll always call it Adam's song).

So, the Christmas Cheer connection? Well, this very talented musician (he's now the worship pastor at that church) is married to my sister.

Even before they were considering adoption themselves, Adam had a heart for and an understanding of this miracle. Nearly three years ago now when we were eagerly anticipating our referral there was a buzz among family on who was going to China with us. We knew it was a huge financial commitment and tried to give everyone an out if they needed it. Adam scored huge points with me when he replied, "Kristi, if you were in a hospital giving birth, you know that your sister would be there. We are going to be with you when you become a mother for the first time!" And they were.

And now he is getting ready to be one of the most amazing fathers ~ I know this because I watch him with my own children.

He and Traci have been working hard to raise the funds necessary to cover the adoption fees, orphanage fees, and travel expenses. They are closing in, but when you consider that their fees are "times two," they still have several thousand to go.

So in addition to Traci's website,

Loved By Choice Designs

If you haven't been by to shop yet, get on over there!
Adam has just arranged, performed, recorded, and produced a CD of Christmas songs! (Actually he's been working on it for months now) There are twelve laid back tracks of hymns and sacred music guaranteed to help get you into the Christmas spirit.
The CD will soon be added has now been added to Traci's website. Just click on the cover art above to get directly to where you can purchase it off the site. They are available for a suggested donation of $10 with and additional $2 for shipping. I'll be getting mine on Thursday when our family gathers to give thanks at my mom's house and I can't wait! It's gonna be in my CD player in the car for the duration of the Christmas season!

(Just a fun note ~ during Adam's tenure as the youth pastor, Traci lived in New York. Those two at that time had spent about six years trying to convince folks (and mostly themselves) that they weren't interested in one another. But some of us faithfully held onto hope that they'd finally give dating a try and these days when folks ask what brought Traci back to NC I like tease her and say, "It was about a boy..." I think it is at least 50% true)


Lisa said...

I can't wait!!! I'll hop over as soon as you say the word!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Mama said...

Adam's father met him half way between Boone and Lincolnton today to get the very first copies of the CD. Then Mickey actually had the nerve to call me and say "I got to hear it first"! The nerve -
haha. Actually, I can hardly wait to hear it. I have watched Adam working on it for months at my dining room table or in their bedroom at my house. He wouldn't let us hear any of it. I'm really excited to get some copies.

Lora Vann said...

Kristi, I want a CD. I can mail your or Traci and Adam a check shoot me an email to let me know which is best! :) Praying for you all. Happy Thanksgiving!

Nancy said...

What a great post! Its obvious you think very highly of your BIL. I'm excited for them to become parents!

Anonymous said...

Awe! thanks. That brings back a lot of great memories. $30,000 down $12,000 to go!
We are getting there!
aka (aunt Cici

Bekah said...

Awesome CD! We listened to it all day today! He is sooooo talented!