A love note to my son

My sweet boy,

Tonight I am so tired that I'm sure I won't do this day justice. But I had to document right now just how special today, October 8, 2009, was to me!

You see, I remember just how sad I was last year on this day. I remember exactly what I did most of the day (packed our old house) and who I was with (your sister because your Daddy already worked here in our new city). Later that evening I met your Grandma (my mommy), your Uncle Adam, and your second cousin Jordan (who came to visit from Ohio to help us move to our new house that weekend) at an Italian restaurant for dinner. And we ordered a dessert (two actually) and shared them in honor of your birthday. Oh how I wanted to be with you! It rained so hard that night. As Kylie and I drove home, it was hard to tell what was rain and what was my own tears because while I still hadn't met you, I missed you more than I can put into words. At that point I knew that I'd be meeting you in 19 days, but my heart ached that we were so close to celebrating your second birthday with you and yet we missed...

Here we are a year later. And I think that several times today I had to pinch myself as I considered my joy today that you were here; showing me how old you are, napping in your own bed, helping make your own cupcakes, eating ham, and opening gifts. We kept it a low key day, and yet you knew you were being celebrated ~ and I think you liked it!

While a part of me will always be sad that I didn't get to celebrate your first or second birthdays with you, watch you take your first steps, or encourage you to switch from a bottle to a cup (joys I got to experience with your sister), today it didn't seem to matter all that much. What did matter was that you were here, with us ~ where you belong. And somehow it almost seems as if you always were. I suppose it has to do with how you embrace life. You are so full of joy and expressiveness that negativity has no room to hang around.

What a difference you have made in our lives. None of us will ever be the same! Oh how I love you!

Today, tomorrow and always,

Some pictures to remember your first birthday with us.

Showing me how old you are.
Napping in your own bed.
Nap time part two. (Preschool seems to wear you out!)
By the way, you had mini cupcakes at school today to celebrate with your new friends there.
Getting ready to help make your cupcakes. Last night you and Mommy had a special date to the grocery store so you could pick out the kind of cake and frosting you wanted.
Getting the cupcake trays ready while I used the mixer.
I have no idea what you two were saying, but you were bossing each other around.
By the way, those pants are size 24 month and the shirt is a 2T. You are my tiny, yet larger than life little guy!
When we asked you yesterday where you wanted to go eat for your special birthday dinner, you answered "Go eat ham!" Our nice waitress at Cracker Barrel let us have ham on a kids' plate for you. I think you liked it...
Your grin here speaks volumes about your personality! We were singing Happy Birthday to you and you basked in the moment!
And of course there were a few presents...
This one was from Mommy, Daddy, and Kylie.
Run out of hands to carry the cars? No problem!
Yep, one year later and here you sit, right in front of me, playing with your birthday presents in our living room. Life is good...

Oh, and as a fun extra birthday present, we found out that Darcy's dossier was finally delivered today!


Ann Marie said...

Sounds like a wonderful day!

Laurie said...

Darling, darling, darling. He is sooo handsome and just looks so grown up in this post. I am NOT ready for three! Keep them 2 forever!! :)

Our Journey said...

What a sweet post. He shows how old he is like Anne Marie does - on his last 3 fingers - so cute. Looks like a GREAT b-day. And congrat's on the dossier being delivered!!!

Rachelle said...

Very sweet post. Happy B-day buddy!

Nancy said...

Kristi, that post brought tears to my eyes. It reminds me how I feel waiting for Noah's sister (or brother) and how I'll feel missing some of his siblings "firsts" that I got to experience with Noah. But I am encouraged by how wonderful it all is and how worth the wait.

Caleb's birthday looked so special. I really enjoyed this post and all the photos.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Little man! You are so loved!

Lisa said...

What a sweet birthday blessing! Praise God that you won't miss anymore of his birthdays.

He is the cutest little guy ever!
Happy Birthday Caleb!!!!

Shannon said...

Hey Kristi! I don't usually post since I see you on a regular basis but I so enjoyed reading between the lines and feeling your joy as you celebrated Caleb's birthday!And I so enjoyed seeing the joy on his face! What a beautiful day!!! Simple is very very good indeed!!
Much love to Caleb on his birthday!!

Melissa said...

OH, what a wonderful post! It looks like the day was just perfect!!! And what a wonderful gift finding out your dossier was delivered too....God is so good! Hope you have a wonderful week-end!

Sharon said...

Happy Birthday sweet Caleb!!! I feel like I could have written your letter about Hudson....they are the sweetest boys!!!

Pam said...

Happy Birthday, sweet boy!!! What perfect day to celebrate YOU!

Jess and Tim said...

Oh what a wonderful letter! Happy 3rd birthday Caleb!!! You one awesome kiddo!!

Chris and Robyn said...

This makes me teary eyed for my little one... where ever and when ever he or she comes my way. yet, I am so encouraged as I am reminded that God's timing will be perfect and one day I'll have forgotten what life was like without them! :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday sweet boy!!!
Aunt Cici