Where I got it...

The comments have been rolling in on the "face lift" around Fireworks and Fireflies. I just had to clear the air and say that no, I haven't taken the time to teach myself how to mess with Html code. I'm sure that I could do it if I tried, but right now my brain is full, so I'll sit back and let someone else pretty things up for me.

I had been considering a new look in celebration of Darcy for a while. Then I started reading the blog of a teenage girl whose family is just a few weeks ahead of us in a paper chase for her little brother (her second sibling from China). Ashton is very creative and changes the look of her blog every few weeks. I was looking over her most recent change when I noticed a short blurb in her sidebar that said, "Blog Designed by Me. Go here if you want one too."

And so I did.

Ashton was a pleasure to work with! I'm sure I must have been her most frustrating type of customer because anyone who knows both my sister and I knows that I missed the "artsy" gene in our family! I picked out my scrapbook kit for Ashton, told her which of the papers and elements I liked (and didn't) and then gave her the grand direction of, "I don't really know what to tell you that I want the design to look like, but I know what I like when I see it."

If you are looking to freshen up your blog, either a total makeover, a new header, or just a fun signature, or if you want someone to edit some of your favorite photos or create a digital scrapbook page, please check out Princess Blog Designs! You'll be helping Ashton be able to travel with her parents to meet her new little brother, and I can guarantee that you'll be thrilled with what she does to your blog! She didn't stop until all I could say was, "It's PERFECT!"

And for the Kylie and Caleb's backpacks? We picked them up at Barefoot Landing when we went to eat at Joe's Crab Shack at the beach. Not headed to Myrtle Beach anytime soon but in need of a cute "pack pack" for your little one? No worries, there's a website (Anything Joe's.).

If you really like the brown pattern of Kylie's, they aren't currently carrying it, but the owner assured my sister that he can have one specially made by the company that makes them for him. Feel free to email me and I'll send you a picture of Kylie's so you can show him that pattern if you want.


Lisa said...

Thanks for the helpful info. I'm looking forward to a makeover and I love the idea of supporting adoption somehow in the process. As soon as life settles down some maybe I'll be able to find the perfect kit.

Michelle said...

I would love a picture of Kylie's backpack!! I am also trying to pick out a kit for my Blog. I have been looking for weeks and going to let Ashton fix mine also. Just noticed that you are using Lifeline for Darcy I have been researching them and talking to them for when were ready to start again.