The sand calls!

Pictures are better than words, right? I'm still doing laundry, trying to compose a grocery list, and catching up on email, so I'll compose my thoughts about family time (sans technology) about the beach in the next few days. For now, enjoy my cuties...

I love how we continue to see their relationship develop over time. This picture exemplifies their closeness to me. I just love how Kylie bent slightly at the knee to tell her little brother something funny. (Now two hours later she did tell me that she was tired of having a boy in the family and wondered if we could send him back to China, BUT at THAT moment they were loving the company of one another!)

And then in a flash Caleb remembered what was at the end of the boardwalk and there was no stopping him!
They walked the dunes for a minute when a stalk of sea grass in the powdery sand caught Kylie's attention...

...and of course "Mr. Curious" had to check it out too!

Their verbal exchange was going something like this:
Caleb ~ "Doin?"
Kylie ~ "Putting this stick in the sand."
Caleb ~ "I hep?"
Kylie ~ "Sure, you dig!"
Caleb ~ "Tay."

I just love how one stays "neat and tidy" while the other explores with full sensory experiences!

Searching for more sticks.

Thinking that her brother laying in the sand is pretty silly!


Sharon said...

Beautiful pictures of beauiful kids!!

Nancy said...

Thanks for sharing your cuties!

Tricia said...

Beautiful pictures of your kids. :)

Amy Woods said...

Your kids are too cute!

Nicole said...

GREAT pictures, love it!

C.C. said...

All amazing!!

Anonymous said...

she thought Caleb laying in the sand was silly until she did it too!
Autn Cici