My big girl

There are a few things that I have to record before they slip into the great abyss of what was once "my great memory." Before I know it she'll be "all grown up" and rolling her eyes at me instead of saying, "Hey Mommy, know what? I love you!" most of the time. But for now I want to remember THESE times...

While she has her moments of whining, selfishness, and a stubborn streak that she must have somehow inherited directly from me, this girl has a heart of gold. Take this morning for instance. We were planning to have lunch with Darby's family after church and I quickly packed a small backpack with two "chubby cars" for the boys and two My Little Ponies for the girls to provide a bit of distraction after the kids finished eating so that we could have a little grown up conversation with Darby and Henry's parents. Ky saw me with a backpack and asked if she could pack a bag of books to read in the car. In the "last minute scurry" to get out the door on time I said sure and didn't give it another second of thought. When we got into the car she said, "Here Caleb, I brought this one for you," and she pulled out his favorite book. I was touched at the thought that went into her going between their bedrooms searching for one that would make her little brother happy too.

She's becoming quite the little singer too. In random places at random times she'll just start singing a praise song. There are several that she cycles through, but her current favorite is "Step by Step." And I'm sure God smiles down on her putting her soul into the heart of the music even if she gets a few of the words a bit wrong. Currently it sounds something like this, (incorrect words in italics) "Oh God, you are my God, and I will never praise you. Oh God you are my God, and I will never praise you. And step by step you leave me and I will follow you all of my days."

In addition to being excited about being a big sister to a little sister, she's really pumped about becoming a cousin! Each day she'll ask at some point to "see her cousins that talk" which means that she wants to watch the 35 second video clip that Adam and Traci have of their kids. Every time that they wave she waves back and I think it is so cute!

The other morning when Ian left for work Kylie said, "Daddy goes to work to make money so we can bring Darcy home, right Momma?" I affirmed her thought and then she asked me why I didn't work. I looked at her and said, "Well, I work right here in our house." She sorta giggled at me and said "There's no work in our house Mama!" I said, "Oh yes there is Missy, I watch over you and your brother, cook meals, do laundry, clean the house, grocery shop, fix your boo-boos, and lots of other stuff." Kylie looked at me for a second and then said, "Oh, you do work hard!"

Oh, and the other day I asked Kylie what she wanted to be when she grew up. (I love to see how it changes over time, apparently when I was her age my mom said I decided I was going to be a helicopter pilot, I last asked Kylie about it on this post). She thought for a second and then responded, "A cutter." Not really sure what that meant, I asked for clarification. She smiled and said, "I'm gonna cut tu-tum-bers and pehp-pers, and yettuce and all sorts of things!

I'm so lucky to be her Mama!


C.C. said...

Wonderful post! When Kylie grows up, I'll hire her to be my "cutter." That is my least favorite part of cooking;-)

adoptionroad said...

What a sweetie! And beautiful pictures too!

Cindy M said...

Thank you for the comic relief in those lyrics! Caroline knows Bible songs, too, but she can sing a mean Hannah Montana song. She can knock out some High School Musical, too. Someday soon I've got to get them on video and uploaded. She's hilarious. Maybe the kids can do a "show" for us!

Kylie has just blossomed into such a charming child! I can still remember her quiet, gentle little self in China and even a few months later. Look at her now. I feel so blessed to know and love ALL our girls, and those little boys, too!

Now remember those letter thingies you talked about a while back? Totally random, I know, but can you let me know what they're called? I want to get them for Caroline. :-)

Tricia said...

I laughed out loud at her lyrics too...I'm sure God gets a kick out of it! I've had numerous conversations (debates) with my kids about words to songs.

Kylie is truly a delight!!

Sharon said...

Great posts on both of them. I am so behind on blogging but thought the other day I need to blog my favorite Hudson sayings before he moves on from them and I forget them.
When the girls were younger, I would always know when I wasn't haven't a "good" day becuz the would say "being a mommy is hard isn't it?"....always had to re-examine myself then.

Grandma Shultz said...

What a little joy she is! I remember being at the museum "Marbles" with you and Kylie was swinging in a hammock under the pirate ship singing "God you are my God" at full volume. Had no problem finding her!

Kylie you have filled all of our lives with sweetness and love. Thank you!
LaoLao Shultz

Jenn said...

I'm SURE that God LOVES her singing and it just makes Him smile the biggest God smile ever when she does! She is His precious, precious child and you are beyond lucky to be called her Mama! I'm so happy He chose YOU for her! :)

Anonymous said...

It is so fun to watch her little mind work! She is so smart. I love the innocense of a childs mind... couldn't we all be like that?!
Aunt Cici

Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

I see a great Chef in the making (at this time in her life) :0)
Love the photos you've posted and how you put a border around each on of them. :0)

Nancy said...

She is the sweetest little girl EVER!

Lisa said...

I'm not sure anything melts God's heart more the praises from children. She is the sweetest pixie ever!