Settling in the Kabin

Despite the fact that we had packed on Sunday, somehow we still managed to cut it close on Tuesday at the airport. I'm gonna use two pre-schoolers as my excuse...

The flights to Salt Lake City were thankfully rather uneventful (layover at JFK) and I was glad to not be reminded why I had sworn never to fly with Caleb again until he was at least 10. He was squirmy, but nothing like the flight from Beijing back to Newark last November. by the time we had our luggage, the car seats in the rental, and got to the hotel it was well after midnight local time which of course meant it was after 2am according to our bodies. We fell into bed exhausted and after sleeping as late as the kids allowed, we hit the road.

We passed many signs along the way,


One state closer to West Yellowstone from Salt Lake. I regret that we didn't take time to stop at the National Potato Museum. No, I didn't make that up, we passed it!

Somewhere along the way we had a distant view of the Grand Tetons.
I somewhat regret that we were all the way out there and this was as close as we got.

Finally we got to Montana and of course had to stop to do the cheesy tourist thing. But we weren't the only ones to stop (we traded taking family pictures) and even though I posted it earlier, it is fun enough to add again.
And finally, one lunch stop, two potty breaks, and some seven hours (yes Traci, I know it should only be a five hour drive ~ this is a preview of traveling with two little ones...) later we finally pulled into the West Yellowstone KOA.

I think that if we simply stayed in the campground for the next four days our kids would have been thrilled...
Checking out the "kabin." And yes, it really is tiny, but it was PERFECT!

After unloading the car,It may look like a LOT of stuff ~ and I guess it was ~ but the green bag was full of linens and the white stuff is a cooler and breakfast/lunch groceries.

we decided to take a walk around the grounds. We checked out the indoor pool (that we never ended up using), scouted out the closest bathhouse, admired the local wildlife,

Caleb wanted to know, "Hey Momma, dose bwuf-a-wo?"
and of course played on the playground.
This slide was super fast and Kylie shot down it like a rocket time and time again!
The blur of Caleb's feet best show the perpetual motion that makes me fall into bed every night.

And then of course we did what makes any camping trip official ~ lit a campfire and made s'mores!
Waiting for the fire to be "just right" for marshmallow toasting.
Mommy getting a little help from the self proclaimed experts.
Caleb was pretty impressed with the fruits of our labor ~ to my knowledge his first s'more experience!
Twenty years from now she'll kill me for this one, but seriously, how did she get marshmallow on her eyebrows?

And then four people headed off for showers (luckily we had practice at the public pools here before we went) and then fell into bed, exhausted, but in anticipation of our first day in Yellowstone National Park!


NaiNai said...

The pictures and stories were worth the wait. What a great experience!! KOA looks really nice for a family. Love Kylie's "marshmallow face".

Cindy M said...

Very familiar with extended drive the Kabin! Looks fun! As close to camping as I care to get, by the way. I laughed at the luggage. You are well on your way to catching up with OUR family! Hee. Just don't travel with the luggage nazi. Oh, and that picture of Kylie with the marshmallow on her eyebrows...PRICELESS! Love it!

Can't wait to hear more!

And I'm so lame. I missed you, so I googled your campground. And I discovered the horses next door. Did you go riding? It looked like you could take little ones, and it looked positively amazing!

Tracy M. Custer said...

Our two are a little older (7 & 8) and we swear by the KOA Kabins! We've stayed at the KOA at the Outer Banks and the one north of D.C. and enjoyed both experiences.

I'm looking forward to hearing about the rest of your trip!

Tricia said...

I'm sort of digging that little Kabin. I think I might actually enjoy camping like that! How DID Kylie get marshmallows on her eyebrows? That's hysterical.

Love that you say the blur in Caleb's feet is why you fall into bed every night. Mom made the comment this week that she doesn't understand how Andrew isn't anything but skin and bones since he NEVER stops moving. :)

Had dinner with your mom and Traci & Adam tonight. We sort of had Thanksgiving at our house. Wish ya'll could have been here too.

The kids will be home next Wednesday.

Love ya!

Laurie said...

Oh, this is going to be a fun few days, hanging out with you on this trip. Loved these pictures and stories!

Sharon said...

I absolutely love doing "camping" things with little ones. Hudson loved the campfires in Minnesota and we cant wait to take him camping this fall. The cabin looks heavenly to me! I am an outdoor girl at heart!

Our Journey said...

Those are the EXACT "kabins" at the KOA we stayed at (we looked inside one). I LOVE the picture of Kylie w/ the marshmallows on her eyebrows -- how did that ever happen?? (But oh how funny it is!!) If you can ever organize a weekend between there & VA, we'd love to meet you at a KOA and "camp"..heee :o)

Ally said...

Love the cabin! My mother always told me that small spaces bring closer families. Boys are just so stinkin BUSY!!! Love the capture of Caleb's feet! Gotta love those boys, just wish I had the spunk they had!

Anonymous said...

Awe!!! we need to all go together to a camp ground. That looks like so much fun! Brings back wonderful memories!
Aunt Cici

Nancy said...

How fun! The Kabins are so cute!!!! Glad you have now officially indoctrinated the kids into s'more eating. Love the "sm'eyebrows"!!

Michelle said...

Looks like alot of fun! I love the little Kabins and camping is the best with little kids.That's amazing how Kylie got the marshmallow on her eyebrows.

Jess and Tim said...

So cute! I love the one of Kylie with the marshmallow brows! What a great trip! The cabin looked like a ton of fun!