Potato Chip Junkie

Sometimes nutrition takes a backseat on holiday weekends!

His expression captures his true devotion to fried potatoes. Can you just hear the thankful thoughts in his head?

**Cindy, this post was pretty much for your gloating pleasure...**

**One other thing, to my dear bloggy friends in PA, there is a Harrisburg in NC too! Don't worry, you'll know when we make it that far north. I'm totally coming to meet you!!!**


Tricia said...

Those California Dill Chips were delicious! I think the thoughts in his head were, "No! Mine!" No wait...that's what he actually said to me when I tried to get some for myself. :)

Melissa said...

Thanks for the lesson on 2 Harrisburg's - I was so bummed to think we didn't get to meet!!! Matthew is a potato chip junkie too, that's too cute!!! I love the expression you captured on his face!!!

Cindy M said...

Oh, I'm gloating, alright. I think I'm going to blow this picture up and frame it. Hee.

He fits in this big ol' China family just fine, eh? I love his cute little face! Give it a kiss for me! And kiss that sweet little veggie-eating kiddo, too!

Tricia said...

I put your kids pictures on my blog... :)

I can't wait for my kids to come home (and not just for blogging purposes).

Donna said...

LOL!!! Love that face!!!
You guys are welcome this far north any time! With or without those matching outfits!!
Miss you all!!!

Anonymous said...

Yummy!!!!!!!!!! He is a chip loving boy isn't he! :)
Aunt Cici

Nancy said...

Ha ha! Thanks! We'll come visit too if we ever are in your neck of the woods!