An extra Daddy Day morning

The 4th brought us a bonus "Daddy Day" this week. We celebrated by sleeping in until at least 8 (Caleb and I got up then ~ or shall I say "Mommy took one for the team...") After Daddy got up he made a delicious breakfast of blueberry pancakes, bacon, and scrambled eggs (and a fried egg sandwich for me). It's so nice to be able to sit down and eat our morning meal together!

And then we headed to our new favorite place ~ the pool! It was warm this morning, but we're not experiencing our typical humidity right now (a few day break sure is nice!), so the water felt a bit chilly because we didn't have sweat rolling down our backs simply from standing in the sun. At first Kylie wasn't too sure about getting in...

"It's kinda told!"

Luckily we have Caleb who loves the water, no matter how cold it is!
"Come on it Tyio! It's fun to swim in our new fishies!"

And the the swimming began!
They raced from one end to the other, over and over again...
...and it's a long way down and back! Seriously, is that the largest kiddie pool you've ever seen?

And lots of swimming lends itself to long napping
We're currently using the "buddy nap" system as Kylie has been having some issues with "being lonely." Thankfully it doesn't bother her at night, but during the day she rests much more soundly if she's with someone. Besides, they're gonna have to share a bottom bunk in our "Kabin" at the KOA in Yellowstone.
(She has said that she'll be okay for nap time when Darcy is here and she has someone in her room).

so that Ian and I can work on planning our trip to Yellowstone that suddenly is this month! I mean, for the longest time it was "this summer," or "next month," but now it is in less than two weeks! When did July get here?


Lisa said...

You are so good behind the lens! These are just perfect Summer pictures!

Yellowstone sounds so great. I have always wanted to go. Maybe someday...right now...CHINA!

Angela said...

That kiddie pool looks amazing! What a fun place to go! And as always...beautiful kiddos!

C.C. said...

Looks like a super fun extra Daddy Day! And, BTW, that pool looks amazing! We'll have to check it out when we get back into town:-)

Anonymous said...

That is a huge kiddie pool. I am sure they had a blast!
Aunt Cici