What were the RAVs?

Blissfully most days around here I have to remind myself that my kids once fought ALL THE TIME for NO APPARENT reason. And we're not just talking "verbal arguments," we're talking full on "Random Acts of Violence" where one child would aggressively physically attack the other for no apparent reason. (I go back to this again in hopes anyone reading who is currently experiencing RAVs will see the light at the end of the tunnel AND to remind myself in case adding a new child upsets the balance and we have a cycle of RAVs again.)

Anyway, Tuesday morning I was working on my daily bible study lesson and noticed that it got really quiet in the living room where both kids were. The TV wasn't on, so that wasn't the excuse for a lack of chatter. I snuck out to see what was going on and found this scene.

I know the quality isn't the greatest, but my first reaction was to capture the moment rather than work on artistic composition ~ and I'm glad it was, as soon as they noticed me the moment was over!
Yes, that would be my two former fighters holding hands to sing the blessing over their pretend meal. Talk about doing a Mama's heart good...

And later in the day the living room digressed to this,
This is an example of a "two kids, one phone call" mess around here. What's it gonna be like when there are three?
but the fact that they were playing together without fighting helped me to overlook the chaos that was our living room!

And about yesterday's pictures, apparently inquiring minds want to know a few things. No Aunt Nancy, it wasn't cool when Kylie was wearing that sweater (the pictures were taken late last week) but she insisted on carrying it and then putting it on, "in case I get hot." I tried to explain that one to her, but have you tried arguing with Kylie lately? You'd lose, I usually do.
The story of the sequence is that Caleb was lagging behind Ky and I as we walked. Ky turned around to convince him to keep up with us and offered to hold his hand. He refused and that explains the dejected look on the little mama's face. Then within a minute or so they compromised that they'd run together to keep him from falling behind. And we made it around the block in record time. The end.

Tonight Ian and I are off to a date night to celebrate that we've turned in all our documentation for our LOI (Letter of Intent) to adopt Darcy. The formal submission of stuff won't head to China until early next week, but we've collected it all and that feels good! One step closer to our sweet little girl!


Pam said...

Oh, what a PRECIOUS sight!

Hope you date night was lots of fun! I can't remember the last time Bill and I had date night. Well, yes I do. Dec. 22nd '08. Our 24th anniversary! I'm not sure what our excuse is~ we do have some baby sitters around here, too!

Tricia said...

Looks like the kids are doing well and enjoying each other. Yeah! Also looks like you have your furniture in the house now. Where's your mom's couch? Did you make her haul it back with her? Ha!

NaiNai said...

I think I'm going to cry (happy tears). It is so beautiful to see Kylie and Caleb getting along. What a close bond they are developing. And I'm glad you are done with the LOI - that feels like a huge milestone. Grandma Miller's waiting Darcy!!!
Love, NaiNai

Faith said...

Lindsey tries to wear a jacket out too, b/c it's hot. I guess their little minds just don't comprehend!

Anonymous said...

Kylie and the sweater story goes along the same line as my youngest when she was little. She always wanted to put "salt on her food to cool it". Never did get that one figured out!

Love, Aunt Nancy in Oh.

Amy Woods said...

Whooo hooo!!!! I love that you've turned in everything for your LOI! I love accomplishing the little steps because it gets you to the bigger steps! Lord willing and "the creek don't rise" it looks like we'll be DTC next week! Can you believe THAT? If not next week then it will be the week after that. So happy! I love that your living room looks like that! Looks like mine does right now with all of the cousins over to spend the night. Thanks for keeping it real(like you like to say!)!!!

Anonymous said...

that picture is priceless... the holding hands and the mess in the living room! Haha! Is the old couch on the curb?
Congratulations on getting your paperwork complete!!!
Yay for bringing Darcy home!!!
Love Aunt Cici

Lisa said...

What a sweet reminder of God's redeeming power. This is such an encouraging post to many who are adjusting, I'm sure. I'll be praying that a third little one doesn't upset your balance too much.

And I love that your living room is thrashed! I want my living room to be thrashed too :0( Soon enough :0)

Nancy said...

Yay for date night! LOVE the photo of them praying over their pretend meal, so sweet!