Day two surf-side

Saturday on the beach was pretty much a repeat of Friday, just change the bathing suits on the kids and add a bit of wind...
Here are my favorite shots from the day (I got my camera out much less and simply enjoyed "being" with my husband and kids).

Caleb was again almost overwhelmed with his excitement of sand and started digging right where we dropped our stuff, temporarily forgetting about the water!
We made a few trips down to the water's edge, but then set about digging our "swimmin hole" for the day.
Kylie wanted to surround our hole with lovely castles...
...Caleb just wanted to destroy them!
Eventually he ended up in the hole with Daddy.
Kylie decided to just shovel along. (The wind got a bit chilly while we were standing around and she reached almost without thinking for her cover up. I think this may be the last beach trip for her prized "cover". It was a gift for her first birthday and that size 2T has seen a lot of sunny days, but it's getting a smidge small!)


Amy Woods said...

I'm so loving all of these pictures!! Makes me long for the beach....

Cindy M said...

I am visualizing a Caleb/Mickey combo on the beach...would they have fun, or what?!

Kylie looks so tall in those pictures, but I'm watching Miss Caroline sprout up, too!

Anonymous said...

Is that amazing house in the background where you are staying? I was missing the beach today and to make matters worse, LeighAnna decided to remind me that there is no water anywhere close to our home or state.

Lisa said...

Life has been so crazy in my little world this week that I'm just now catching up on what everyone in Blogland has been up to!

Apparently you have been super busy posting amazing beach pictures!!!!
I'm serious, this Cali girl is loving all the surf and sand that's happening on your blog!!!!

I love Caleb's excitement and Kylie's sweetness...their personalities are coming through in every picture!

I also love their "matchie" outfits! Too cool the way those two worked it out!!!!

I'm going to go day dream now since I'm far, far away from the wonderful smell of salty air :0(

I'm so glad you had an awesome weekend! Happy belated birthday to Ian!!!

Jess Danielson said...

Too cute! I can't wait until beach weather!!

Anonymous said...

Fun in the sun! Looks like a blast.
Aunt Cici

Grandma Shultz said...

Makes me homesick for the four of you and for the beach. I can almost smell the ocean and the sunscreen; feel the breeze and the cold water on my feet. How fun it will be to be there with Kylie and Caleb.
Love, LaoLao