My how they've grown!

If you know me in person (or even just via "blog world") you have to know that I'm crazy about my babies! There is no doubt in my heart (much more critical than no doubt in my mind) that these were two of the children God had planned to grow up in my care.

And yet before Kylie and Caleb I have to confess that I loved two other children too ~ my God-daughters, Anah and Sera. (Okay, technically only Sera is my God-daughter, but I've always felt the same about both of them...) I came to the hospital to meet both of these precious girls the day they were born and have loved them ever since. Last week their mom planned a "mystery trip" for them while they were out on spring break and my kids and I were privileged enough to be part of the surprise. We met up for a fun day at the zoo. This was not my first visit there with Anah and Sera, check out how much they've grown since we were there together last in July 2004!

Same polar bear cave, same girls, even the same smile (on Anah's face), just a different year. Aren't they beautiful?

Both of Beth's girls are great with kids (they were even back then in July 2004 when I met them there with the Triple A's!) and Kylie and Caleb thoroughly enjoyed their attention for the day! We don't get to see them often, but these folks are family even though we aren't related. Know what I mean?

Once again the sea lions were the highlight of the day!
Destined to be a rule breaker? Beth encouraged me to take a picture of him on the wrong side of the bars before I pulled him away. (There is a thick glass wall in between him and the bear enclosure ~ he was never in any danger!) We just thought the sign that he was standing in front of was pretty funny...
(Kinda reminds me of blatant disregard to a warning sign on trip to the Cliffs of Moher that I took in Ireland ~ maybe I'll post some pictures of that soon)
Checking out the sleeping cougar.
Anah was happy to give Caleb a boost to view the ostrich and giraffes.
Sera was very patient with Kylie who wanted to read every sign asking, "What's dis word say?" It was nice to have someone else around to continue to encourage Kylie's growing word curiosity.

A train leading away from, and then back to, the grizzly bears. With Caleb in the lead you may not necessarily take the most direct path, but it probably be a fun way!
Intently watching the chimps.


Anonymous said...

This post brings tears to my eyes. I wish we saw you guys more and I can't believe I just watch my babies grow up with a scroll down the page. We had such a great day...even with the closing rain storm! It was neat to watch our kids interact making it easier for us to catch up. Looking forward to the summer when we can see you guys a little more often.

And yes we are related. As if have said before, I am pretty sure Anah and Sera both rattle your family off in their short list of relatives before some of their actual aunts, uncles and cousings(they can't even tell me some of their

I still remember how God brought us together in that cafeteria line @ Elon.....times flies. Never knew I was meeting someone I would be friends (family) with for so long. (And okay Tricia, I will stop typing another long comment......Ha. ha.)

Anonymous said...

And one more thing...the sneaky look on Caleb's face in the "rule breaking" photo reminds me a lot of his mom!!!


Lisa said...

Ahh...sweet girls! Close fiends are proof that "family" has many definitions. I'm glad you had a great surprise day!

Anonymous said...

Good thing you guys have season passes! Looks fun!
Aunt cici

Tricia said...

Beth, I wasn't going to say anything about your comment until you posted a second and well that put you way over the limit! :)

Kristi, you're so blessed to have such a great friend with great kids! Looks like you guys had a wonderful time.

Kimberly said...

What funny-- and sweet pictures. I can totally relate to your thoughts about friends who do truly become family through the years. I really enjoyed this post!

Sharon said...

Hi Kristi,
Could I have your email address?

Saundra said...

What a great day at the zoo. Anah and Sera are so grown-up and yet they would play a silly game with Kylie and Caleb - have to love them extra for that! What a blessing to have such good friends who are as close as family.