A moment captured

I'm over a week behind, sigh...

**Sheer exhaustion is kicking my tail right now (Somehow taking a 1250 mile road trip over five days with two toddlers to visit family and friends that may as well be, coming home for 36 hours to wash clothes, and then heading back "home" to an action packed, family event filled weekend seemed like a good idea. In retrospect it was a bit too much...) and I don't quite have the energy to finish up our first trip just yet. However I must share this sweet moment.**

About six hours after we arrived, Kylie and Caroline were back into the "you are my best friend and we've never been apart" mode. Caroline's big sister Abby had helped them with some dress up and they were so proud and wanted to have their picture taken. Cindy being the shutterbug that she is suggested they go outside to catch the natural light and while I was getting Caleb a drink she captured this sweet moment.
As they were standing there hugging and smiling (because Ian and Cindy asked them to) Kylie looked over at Caroline and quietly said, "I love you!" I love you ~ these words should not be "overused" to the point that they don't mean anything, but how many days could be brightened by hearing them from a dear friend? What age is it that we suddenly turn on the filter to avoid these words unless among family? I mean really, don't we all feel better when we know our close friends care? For me, I'm going to start overriding that filter and start letting my friends know how important they are to me on a more regular basis. What a lesson to learn from my three year old...


Lisa said...

At least you have a reason/excuse for being behind. I've just been letting life get in the way. I have missed you though.

Thanks for the reminder to let others know what they mean to me. I needed that today!

Sharon said...

That is a a trip for 5 days...Mark tried to talk me into driving home for that long last week....driving this drive for many years I knew it was NOT happening!! I have meant to tell you for some time how much I think Kylie looks like you...this picture I think so again...God is so awesome!!! And WHAT a sweet moment!!

Jenny Wheelis said...

Even though we lives oceans apart and we have not had nearly enough coffees or play dates, I feel like I know you and your heart... enough to say:
Thank you for being authentic and transparent as you share your life!

Saundra said...

What a precious, sensitive little girl. Thanks for the lesson, Kylie.
Love, LaoLao Shultz