Four generations

The highlight of our trip to Ohio was watching my grandfather (who turned 90 on Independence Day last year ~ take a trip down memory lane here) and my children interact. While most of my generation of the Shultz family called him Grandpa Shultz, somehow the next generation picked up on calling him "Grandpa Curly" (which is his nickname). Last summer Kylie was still pretty shy around him, but for weeks before our trip she was asking to see "Dampa Curry."

Caleb was a bit timid around him, but he picked up on Kylie's lead and before long was involved in showing Grandpa his favorite finds from Aunt Nancy's toy stash.

"See the car?" And Grandpa was animated right along with him...
...which TOTALLY thrilled Caleb!

Despite the fact that Grandpa is a very quiet man, I think he did well in winning Caleb over in their first encounter. And if Kylie is proof, each visit after should get better and better!
"How do it wuk Dahmpa?"
Story time

There are no words I could possibly write that would fully convey the joy in my heart to watch my kids learn to love this quiet man.


Anonymous said...

How precious! What an amazing man!
Aunt cici

Our Journey said...

What a sweet story - I just love the picture of him playing cars w/ Caleb & reading to Kylie!

C.C. said...


Lisa said...

What a blessing! I KNOW you took lots of pictures!

Larry and Carol said...

However difficult the trip to Ohio, it was worth the effort. I'm sure Mr. Shultz was so happy to have you all there and to meet his newest great grandson. AC & UL

Tricia said...

Do you remember when Andrew used to call him Grandpa Shorts? I'm praying I meet a man just like Grandpa! :)