What's more fun than our kid's museum?

Going there with friends of course!

Today we met Lottie, Abby, Darby & Henry, and of course their mommies, for a heck of a time. Darby, Lottie and Kylie are essentially the same age and will be in the same grade in school, and then Abby, Caleb, and Henry are within months of each other and will be one grade behind "the big girls."

Kylie prepares to "fill er up" before taking the red car for a spin.
Chefs Darby and Kylie at the market to purchase ingredients for a day at the restaurant.
Henry and Caleb unload the grocery cart in the kitchen area.
Kylie, Abby and Lottie put on a show onstage.
Caleb wasn't too impressed with the dancing show, but found entertainment elsewhere.
"Ahoy mateys, swab that deck!" (The pirate ship was a hit today!)
Trying out a bit of hockey. (I have to share a funny here, another little boy came out into the rink and after Caleb had carefully placed a puck to try and hit, the little boy took it and scored a goal. The little boy's mom told him not to take things away from other kids and he replied, "Mommy, the game of hockey is about taking the puck." She was mortified, but I had to give the little guy props. It was pretty funny.)
I think Ian and I may have a rock climbing girl on our hands! She wanted to go higher, but there was nowhere else to go.

So yes, we four moms (Shannon, Glenda, C.C. and I) maneuvered six kids age three and under throughout the museum and then managed to keep them all under control for a yummy lunch at Noodles & Company afterward. I'm not sure who enjoyed it more, the kids who got to play or the moms who got to talk. And another great perk, mine are in blissful dreamland and probably will be for another hour or so. (Gotta get some housecleaning done!) We'll have to do this again soon!

**Today took us up to $95 out of our $100 membership cost and we haven't even been members for two months yet. We still have the rainy days of spring, hot days of summer, and most of next winter to enjoy the museum. I think this is going down in the books as the best Christmas present ever! The kids (and I) say, "Thanks again Great Grandpa Curly!"


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good day! I will try to remember to show Dad on Sunday yoour post so he can see what they are doing at the museum. Love, Aunt Nancy

Anonymous said...

Looks like fin! I wish I could be there too.
Aunt Cici

Heather said...

Looks like they had a great time and the museum looks really neat. I guess I forgot Henry and Caleb were that close in age - what a blessing to live so close.

Sharon said...

Love the pirate shot!! BTW, what is Noodles and Co? I saw one today and wondered if it was good? Is it just noodles or asian or what?

Tricia said...

That place must be huge! I like the hockey picture/story. That kid's mom has her hands full.

I laughed out loud at your Happy Hump Day comment. I can just imagine how funny 6th graders think that is.

And check out my mom leaving comments on your blog. She's gonna have her own blog before we know it!

Karen said...

The museum does look wonderful. If I am ever in the area, I'll have to take Maya! The photos are great. We have one of those rock walls at the elementary school I teach at, and the kids climb sideways around the wall. It doesn't have the cool mural part though.

Lisa said...

Fun, good friends and they're learning doesn't get much better! I think a children's museum membership may be on the list of gift items for my sweet nephew!

Laura said...

The Children's Museum looks like so much fun!!! We have one in our city as well but yours may outdo ours by a longshot! It's great that the kids enjoy it so much! They are adorable.
And thanks so much Kristi for your very kind words! I'm having a hard time right now and your kind comment was very much needed and appreciated.

Pam said...

What a fun day~ for both the mommies and the kids! We love Noodles and Co at our house, too!

Anonymous said...


Thanks again for sharing your life with all of us. Your two precious children are so loved by all of us.