"I dunno, maybe like ice cream?"

Yesterday Caleb had a nasty cough and a super snotty nose. He was falling asleep all over himself at the table during lunch, but couldn't fall asleep laying down in bed for all the coughing. So I decided to give him a bit of the grape flavored PediaCare in decongestant/cough formula as it had done the trick for Kylie last week.
Have you ever wondered what it looks like when a medication hypes a child up? I found out! Two hours later my son was still bouncing off the walls of his room (thankfully with a dry nose and no cough) and I swore at that moment to NEVER give him that stuff again. EVER!!!
Ian and I decided to spare the child care team at church and not take him to our parenting class last night. Ian is also fighting off the same cough, so the my guys had a "boys night in" while Kylie and I headed off to church.
Afterward Lottie's family was headed to Krispy Kreme to enjoy some "hot donuts now" and Graham invited Kylie and I to go along. My girl squealed with excitement and said, "Pease mommy, can we go with Yottie to get donuts?"
I figured Ian wouldn't be too disappointed since he and I aren't eating sweets (he wouldn't be missing out) and decided to go along. The funny thing was that on the way to the car I asked Kylie if she knew what a donut was.
Her answer, "Um, I dunno." (I suppose Lottie, Noah, and Graham's excitement was enough to let her know they must be good).
**Now before you go thinking that we never allow our kids treats, we do. Kylie is a chocolate hound and Caleb loves a good sucker! But we seldom (apparently even less often than that) eat donuts because we've never lived close to a Krispy Kreme and let's admit it folks, they are really only THAT good when they are hot. **

Here is our conversation about donuts on the way to the Krispy Kreme...
"Are donuts good mommy?"
"Yes sweetie, they are. What do you think they will taste like?"
"I dunno, maybe like ice cream?"
"Good guess. What shape are they?"
"Umm. Umm. Uh, a circle or a quare?"
"Does Daddy like donuts mommy?"
"Yes, he does."
"A lot?"
"I think so."
"Okay, well, when I get big I'm going to marry Daddy and then we can eat lots of donuts."
"Well, I'm already married to Daddy, but maybe you can find someone like him to marry."
"As long is he is nice like Daddy and likes donuts..."

I think that the taste lived up to her expectations!

"Dis is de-lish-us!"
A dozen donuts didn't stand a chance against these four...
(Yes, they smelled good. No, I didn't crumble ~ but I wanted to!)


Tricia said...

Oh man, I've been wanting donuts lately. I drive by a Dunkin' Donuts every morning. You are way stronger than I am! I love the hats~even the big boys wore them~how fun!

Pam said...

Mmmm Krispy Cream is a family favorite!

Jordan Carl said...

That looked sooo good! Although I would have to disagree on the statement about krispy kremes not being good if they aren't hot - I've never met a krispy kreme I haven't liked. :)

Lisa said...

You are one strong woman. Krispy Kremes are a huge weakness. I'm glad the kids got to enjoy them!

Our Journey said...

You need a BIG gold star!! How you went into that place & didn't cave - amazing. Those are the best kind of donuts!! Such a sweet comment about her daddy by the way!! Love it!

Nancy said...

You are a strong woman! I don't think I could have passed up a Krispy Kreme, a hot one at that!

Anonymous said...

The mind of a three year old is such a precious thing!!! I miss that little bug!!! I could just cry.
I hope that Ian and Caleb are feeling better!!!
Love Aunt Cici