An "early birthday special day"

In our family we love happy surprises! So this morning we loaded in the trusty Highlander, with Uncle Alexander, off to Kylie's surprise location. As we passed by the huge bronze elephant statures at the entrance, Ky realized that we were at the zoo. That in and of itself would have been enough to thrill her, but soon she was elated to see both of her Grandmas and her Unca Adham and CiCi (who she is just now starting to call Aunt Taci ~ neither Traci or I are ready for her to be growing up so...). And just when she thought the surprises were over, along came cousin Tissa (Tricia) and the Triple As (Adam, Abby & Andrew).

It was a beautiful day, perhaps bordering on uncomfortably warm for a bit, and we thoroughly enjoyed our time together while checking out the wildlife! (I did get some cool shots of several animals today, but I figure that everyone has seen giraffes, elephants and sea lions before...)

Elephant tracker Kylie flying a mission to collar some elephants!
So close to a great picture of six kids...
Every trip to the zoo on a hot day deserves a good snack break!
Perhaps my favorite shot of the day.
We saved the sea lions til last and were rewarded by having the underwater viewing area to ourselves.
The location for a birthday meal after the zoo? Where else can a girl get a "burgur wif lossa pick-uls and kech-up AND a banilla mick-sake?"

Kylie was thrilled about her "early birthday special day!" Not so sure how we're gonna top it on Tuesday on her "real birthday."


Jordan Carl said...

I love zoos! I really like the picture of all the kids, I don't know if it was it posed or not, but it's pretty cool! Looks like yall had fun.

Lisa said...

What a wonderful day! For a minute there I thought her surprise was gong to be a helicopter ride over the zoo. Great shot of the sea lion viewing area.

Happy early birthday Kylie!

Anonymous said...

I'm jealous. Looks like you guys had lots of fun..


Tricia said...

Seriously? How did you get this up in the same day. My camera is still in the van.

Sorry about Andrew in the near perfect picture. It's so nice that he can do that with his tongue though, don't you think?

I don't know about your kids, but all of my stayed awake on the way home except for one and that was Adam. I couldn't even wake that child up to get him in the house. I carried him in--no easy task--and he went straight to bed. I was tired myself--so tired I forgot to move the clocks ahead and we walked into the middle of second service this morning.

It was a very fun day. I'm thinking we may need to get a family pass as well; it's really not that far. Two visits and I think the pass pays for itself. How far is it for Beth?

Well, we're off to the park to enjoy more warm weather.

Tricia said...

And if that last post wasn't long enough, here's one more thing. :) I was so sick of my hair after yesterday, I've already gotten it cut. I just can't handle the longer hair.

Ally said...

What a wonderful surprise! Happy Early Birthday Kylie!!

Nicole said...

What a special day!

Emily said...

Sounds like Kylie had a fun day :) Love the picture of all of the kids looking at the sea otters!! Happy early birthday, Kylie!

Anonymous said...

What a fun day we had. The surprise face on Kylie when she saw everyone coming in was priceless! I guess those pictures didn't come out?
Good times Kylie. I am so glad we got to celebrate your day with you!
Love Aunt cici

Anonymous said...

Looks like she had a wonderful day. Showed all the pictures to Granddpa yesterday, he saw all the museum pictures also so he saw what they got for their Christmas. I think he was pleased. As you know he is a man of few words! Happy Birthday Kylie! Aunt Nancy

Anonymous said...

What a fun day. Kylie, we were all so happy to help you celebrate your 3rd birthday. It was so fun to give you a big surprise. Grandma loves you so much.
Love, LaoLao Shultz

Nancy said...

How fun and full of fabulous surprises (her peeps!). I love the photo of the kids lined up! Did you line them up or did they just do that themselves?