DON'T turn your back...

...on two toddlers playing with Play-doh.

Even if you think you are being smart and running to the back of the house to get the cordless.

You aren't being so smart.

And if your instincts tell you that the several second silence followed by giggles from both is better than screaming, you are only half right.

(Wouldn't you think a veteran mother of two years would know this...)
At the moment I'm especially thankful for two things,
1 ~ Real Play-doh may get ground into clothing, but it doesn't really stick to hair.
2 ~ it's bath night!


NaiNai said...

Maybe they were trying to make Easter bonnets!! Hard to believe they did that in the time it took you to run to the back of the house-they are QUICK!!! Glad it washes out-wouldn't want either of them to lose their hair.
Love, Grandma Miller

Our Journey said...

1st off -- cute aprons!!!! 2nd - Someone in this house LOVES play-doh -- and I've found it all kinds of places. (Under the nails is a pain too) but I think your kids found the funiest so far I've seen!

Nicole said...

That is why I don't let play doh in the house. It is an outside toy, and we actually have the rule you have to keep your play doh to yourself, because shoving it up your siblings nose is not nice :)

Tricia said...

That made me laugh out loud. A play-doh hat a day keeps the [?] away. :>

I have to agree with Nicole. I always like to keep the play-doh outside. I really didn't care much for cleaning that stuff up.

Glad to see the kids are using their aprons.

Cindy M said...

Play-doh is evil.

Donna said...

I'm with Cindy on this one.
A pastor friend of ours years ago told me that Playdoh was of the devil (exact words) - at that time I had one kid (they had 5) & I hadn't a clue. Now it gets played with strictly outside with the hopes that Grace doesn't feed it to the dog.... :)

Saundra said...

My grandchildren are so clever and advanced. Who would have thought that it was possible to make hats in 40 seconds! haha Their aprons are so cute. Have to love their ingenuity!
Love, Lao Lao Shultz

Lisa said...

Awwww, come on everyone, play-doh isn't all bad. It's great for small muscle development and the imagination. What other "toy" could be a nose plug, dog food and a hat all in one!

Anonymous said...

Wow playdough makes nice yamaka's (spelling is probably way off).
They are funny!
At least they love each other.
Aunt Cici