A bright sunshiny day

Today was a "soul refreshing" kind of day. I think it was the first day that I've really felt like this is now home. There were many factors that included having a great time over at Shannon's last night, the fact that our kids can actually get along for at least an hour (on average) before I have to intervene, we saw some members of our life group at church this morning and sat with them (anyone else who has moved from a small, country church to a congregation of about 3000 should be able to relate to how wonderful it is to finally know some faces in the crowd), and the weather has been gorgeous!

After naps for my family today (I made the weekly grocery run while Ian and the kids slept ~ I actually found myself missing my kiddos about halfway through...) we headed to the local park with walking trails around a lake.

What is it about splashing in water that amazes little boys? Caleb kept grabbing sticks (sometimes pulling sticks back out of the water) and rocks and tossing them in, and then LAUGHING like the splash was the funniest thing ever.

Kylie was ready to move on from the water's edge MUCH sooner than Caleb, but she patiently stood back at a safe, respectable distance from the water and watched her brother enjoy himself. She got her turn to have fun by jogging about 1/3 of the two mile loop around the lake. Perhaps I can use her as a running partner so that I can get in shape for a marathon. (It may be somewhat unattainable, but it is a goal...) And then we found "THE rock." For whatever reason this rock was pretty special and when she stood on it she was no longer three year old Kylie,

Sunny days at the park ~ it doesn't get much better!


Anonymous said...

Throwing sticks in the water is always a blast.
To have the imagination of a three year old and to not be inhibited by the outside world is so wonderful! Wouldn't the world be a better place...

Glad you feel at home. :(
Aunt cici

Ally said...

Gotta love those boys and their adventures! Looks like a fun day and we are just loving the sunshine here too.

Michelle said...

Water is always fun. Love the pictures and we are enjoying the warm weather also.

Melissa said...

I sure the weather here would get warm! We headed to our first park yesterday, but it was a bit more chilly! It looks like Caleb really enjoyed the water - so much fun! Kylie is cuter than over, that's for sure and I love her ROCK!

Tricia said...

That's a big step! I'm happy for you that you are feeling settled there. It's so nice to see the kids having a good time OUTSIDE. :)

Lisa said...

I'm so glad you feel at "home", there's no place like it.

You're making crave an easy park kinda day!

Saundra said...

My heart is so happy that your family is starting to feel like you have found a church home and are belonging to also breaks my heart - sorry, know that is selfish.
The walk around the lake sounds so fun. Both kids and Maya seemed to really get joy playing in the water. Super Girl looks quite awesome on her big rock!
Love, LaoLao Shultz

Kimberly said...

This looks like such a fun, relaxed day for all of you. Feeling at home is just the best feeling, isn't it?