"Little Adam" is the birthday boy!

"Little Adam" is about to turn 9! (Poor kid, with Traci marrying an Adam, the little cousin is doomed to be distinguished as Little Adam for all time. I suppose that "Big Adam" gets the worse end of that deal though...) That happened in three blinks of an eye! We were glad to be in town to celebrate with him!

One of the fun things about winter in NC is that you never know if it is going to be sunny and COLD or sunny and WARM from week to week. Just check out the pictures of Kylie from the past two Saturdays...

Sweet swinger or tough biker chick?

With glorious weather we spent most of the party outside chatting and watching the kids play.

Adam was pretty excited about the camera he got for a gift.
Abby was stuck to Kylie's side like glue. (She's gonna make an AWESOME babysitter in a few years!)
Andrew took it to the hoops.
And Caleb tried to figure out jumping rope.

Add some cake and ice cream to the mix and you have one great party!


Tricia said...

I think Kylie is both--sweet swinger and touch biker chick! We so should have pointed Caleb in the direction of the shorter jump ropes. I'm so glad the four of you were able to come celebrate!

Laurie said...

I sure love checking in on you every day- it's just so fun to see what you're up to - always something new and fun! Loved the laundry basket shots. And it's SO true- Aaron's favorite "toys" are empty bins he likes to push around the house. Go figure!

Anonymous said...

I don't know why I always think Tricia's kids are so much younger than mine....she only has 1 year before double digits! They grow faster than my kids. A2 looks so grown up. My heart hurts for Tricia as her babies get so big......


Sharon said...

Loved your last post. Hudson has been spending the morning sitting in the top of a box from a game...he even needed to eat lunch in it!

Nancy said...

Great pix! And BTW, my cousin is still know as "Little Terry" at age 37!

Anonymous said...

Good times, good times. Happy Birthday Little Adam!