Caleb's thoughts on love

Caleb may be a bit young (with a slight lack of English vocabulary) to do a full interview with at this point. He can get lost in thought, (just sit him down with a bunch of Legos or his cars) but hasn't quite found his voice to fully express himself just yet.

He is a boy of few words at this point (note that I didn't say quiet ~ he expresses himself LOUDLY, just doesn't use a whole lot of words yet) but I must write down a conversation I had with him Thursday night as I tucked him in.

When I was getting ready to turn out the light, I looked into his beautifully expressive eyes and said, "Mommy loves you!"
He got a wry grin on his face and said, "Naaaahh!" I repeated myself and he again giggled and said, "Naaahh!" Then the third time I told him that I loved him, he smiled and said, "Yaaaah!," all the while nodding his head in that funny little way he does it. (Open mouth and dramatic head nodding ~ I've got to catch it on video!)

Then I decided to ask him a few questions, "Caleb, do you love Mommy?" Big, open mouth head nod
"Caleb, do you love Daddy?" Big, open mouth head nod.
"Caleb, do you love jie jie (Kylie)" Big, open mouth head nod.
"Caleb, do you love Maya?" Big, open mouth head nod.

So then I decided to see if he was paying attention. "Caleb, do you love broccoli?" Twinkle in his eyes, open mouth head nod, giggle, "Naaahhh!"

Guess he was listening...


Jenn said...

So sweet!

Michelle said...

How sweet is that boy!

Sharon said...

I have waited for the day Hudson would say "I love you". He is the most affectionate child I have, continually giving huge hugs and kisses but just in the last month have I "heard" those words"..."love you mama"......oh,,,melts my heart!!

Tricia said...

I love his personality. He's such a cutie!

Nancy said...

so cute!

Anonymous said...

Awe! Aunt cici

Jordan Carl said...

Aww that's awesome!

Lisa said...

It always amazes me to read how quickly a child can learn a new language. I love those bedtime moments...thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

You are so precious, Caleb. Grandma Shultz loves you so much.
You are learning so many new words - we will have long conversations on the phone soon that I will actually understand!
Your sunny personality lifts my spirits.