Wind 'em up and let 'em run!

Sunday afternoon entertainment has taken on a whole new level here. We decided against heading anywhere after nap time and found fun things to do around the house. Perhaps the favorite event of the day was the hallway demoliton derby!

Caught one!

And repeat ~ over and over again...


NaiNai Miller said...

You have such a family friendly house! So many ways and places to play. Love the pictures of the kids going after the cars.
Love, NaiNai

Mom of Triple As said...

What a great hallway! Did I tell you that those cars were from Grandma Evelyn? (that is if I see them correctly and they were from our house). I thought of you tonight. We had carrots for dinner and Andrew ate a ton. He also had green peppers in his salad and we talked about how Kylie loves them too. Abby said, "she is sooo sweet." We miss you.

Kristi said...

They were indeed from your house. I'm glad that we have a memory of Grandma Evelyn in our house too! Kylie talks non-stop about Abby ~ we'll have to meet at the zoo before long!