Personalities captured digitally

If someone were to tell me that if I could capture the personality of my kids in one photo each that I'd win a million dollars, then yesterday was my LUCKY day. I considered taking them to the children's museum to get away from the house, but then I thought about how they will probably be five or six years old before we get another snow over three inches, so we bundled up and went out back.

I've noticed lately that a family member has been missing from Fireworks and Fireflies and decided to toss Maya's tennis ball to her for a while in the yard and see if I could get some good pictures of her.

She so wishes she lived in a colder climate!

Then I hit the money with Caleb. Suddenly I was feeling colder and realized that my little stinker had climbed up on the built in bench for a better vantage point to drop snow on my head! This is the expression I got when I "scolded" him for being naughty.
Classic Caleb ~ can't you just see the sweet orneriness?

We hung around outside to scoop snow into teacups and I "drank" more than my share of snow tea!
Kylie then discovered that she could use her shovel to knock the snow off the railing and she walked back and forth several times to complete the task at hand.
As she walked away her expression seemed to say, "My work here is done!" Note how she couldn't reach all the snow on the ledge, just that closest to her.

We were out for about 45 minutes when Kylie began to say that she was cold and Caleb held out his arms to signal he was done. We enjoyed a hot lunch of Oodles of Noodles (they both ate an entire package) read a few books, and then Caleb was ready to sleep.
Suddenly he is attached to the three animals we had waiting for him on his bed along with his prized panda. He has to have all four to sleep, and yes, he notices if even one is missing. He calls them "beabea!" What's really cute is that when he wakes up in the morning, he will come toddling down to the kitchen, half asleep and barely able to see over his loveys.

While I was tucking in my slumbering angel, Kylie was changing clothes and put her favorite tan jacket back on over her new favorite "sort seeve purpuh sirt" (I suspect she likes it most because it used to belong to Abby) which she paired with an adorable (yet unmatching) set of leggings. The ensemble combined with her own hairdo of a high "pony" and headband made quite a look!
She managed to get the buttons of the jacket undone and pulled it off and in the series of pictures I took, this one is the money shot. I caught my little "sassy molassy" as I call her.
"Yeah, I'm cool ~ don't you wish you were as cool as me?"

I have two great kiddos just bursting with personality! They are both a perfect fit in our family. I'm the luckiest mama alive!


Melissa said...

Your kids are priceless! I can't wait to feel the excitement that you do as a new Mommy! I can't wait to tuck Matthew in, and watch his personality evolve!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sassy Malassy she is! She is going to be quite the fashion queen! I love the pic of Caleb droping snow! Perfect. I noticed he also sleeps with the black sheep!
I'll be sending the pony today... is she still dry?
Tell her I said "Kevin-no-pants"!
Aunt Cici

Lisa said...

Such priceless pictures!!!! You have such a little fashionista!!!
And Caleb has such a great personality...he'll be such a fun teenager!!!

Lisa said...

OK, could I have said "Such" any more times in that last comment?

I'm SUCH a pitiful blog commenter!

Laura said...

What great pictures you got! Looks like everyone had fun - even Maya! :-) You had more snow than we've had in OH. But that's okay with us. ;-)

Our Journey said...

I love the picture of her -- she makes me think of Anne Marie SO much!! I bet they'd be a hoot together. I also love the picture of Caleb from underneath the deck! Such cute pictures!

Denise said...

Yes, lucky you are...great pics!!

Allison said...

Maggie completely approves of Kylie's outfit!

Cindy M said...

A+! Those are GREAT pictures! I absolutely love the one of Caleb sleeping! That is my favorite, although I love the expressions of your "money" shots! I love your kids! Can't wait to get my hands on that little Caleb! And, oh yeah...we watch "no puh my dress" almost every day now. She thoroughly enjoys it. We'll be playing it at her wedding.

Leslie said...

I love your blog. Thanks for being the best blogger in the world.