It's Up and It's GOOD!!!

And I'm not talking about football (I guess explaining third and long is a bit tough to a two year old who doesn't fully speak English) ~ I'm talking veggies!

Yesterday was overall a "good food" day for Caleb! At lunch we discovered that our kids may look Asian, but perhaps they are really Mediterranean. For lunch we ordered a plate of rice for Caleb at Greek Fiesta and he ended up eating more of Kylie's chicken kabob than he did rice. Apparently he dislikes fried chicken (still can't accept that my boy isn't crazy about Chick-fil-a ~ he will eat nuggets IF they are drenched in Polynesian sauce) but can't get enough Greek spiced chicken. Time to dust off my The Foods of the Greek Islands cookbook!

Then for dinner I fixed pan-fried pork chops, mashed potatoes, broccoli salad, and garlic thyme carrots. He ate half a pork chop (TWO sources of protein in ONE day!) and after trying (and rejecting) the broccoli salad was actually willing to try a carrot.

"Kylie ate at least 10 of these things, I'll try it so mommy will let me out of my chair."
"Hey, this thing is pretty good!"

And then he signed for more. He finished all that were left in the pan (about 20)!!!

Oh, and in case you are wondering why this is such a big deal, those carrots were the FIRST "straight up" vegetables he has eaten (I've snuck them in without his knowledge several times, and he loves V-8 Fusion juice) since we've been home from China! I'm beginning to see the rewards of refusing to be a short order cook for my picky eater!


Emily said...

I'm pretty sure Kate has yet to try a veggie. He is so cute eating his carrots! AnnaClaire was just talking about "Lu Tao" and Kylie... She misses her "China srends!"

Anonymous said...

I am glad he decided to try some veggies. Probably heard that I may post a long message again about how he should eat his veggies...He saved you and himself. It was great seeing you guys. Happy New Year!!


Anonymous said...

Good job buddy! Vegetables are yummy!... well some of them anyway! :)
PS Nice haircut! ;)
Aunt Cici