Hope when I need it the most!

Sometimes I fear that I'm the only mom struggling to keep her sanity while two children fight. (One thing that SOMETIMES helps is to really reflect on how far Kylie and Caleb have come in their relationship). We had been getting to a better place for a while and then last Thursday the RAV (random acts of violence) really kicked back in. The biting incident at the museum was just a preview of the next 28 hours. There was hitting (both with fists and with toys), kicking, yelling, several kung fu worthy take downs, and lots of face clawing going on. And all of these things were happening even when I was right there with them ~ it wasn't because I had my attention focused elsewhere. By early Friday afternoon I was just about at a breaking point.

I was ready to crawl into the Tupperware cabinet and hide (because my presence didn't seem to solve anything) and then relative peace broke out again. God knows that I needed to see this sweet moment of sibling harmony at exactly the moment it came. I walked into the kitchen to get Kylie a drink and when I stepped back into the living room they were quietly talking to each other, giggling, and ~ be still my beating heart ~ holding hands!

There IS hope!


Nicole said...

While it is only weeks that we have been home longer with our latest addition than you have, it seems I am playing rewind when reading your blog. It will get easier and better.
We had to enforce some consequences for such behavior, but things are much better than they were. Hang in there, maybe we could meet in the cabinet sometime for a "Mommy break"??

Jess and Tim said...

Kristi there are days I feel that same way! I just want to yell "stop it and Love eachother!" Then Jay will say, "I love you sissy"
Thank goodness for those moments for us mommies!

Mom of Triple As said...

Bless your heart! Do you still have your stash of chocolate? :) My two oldest were yelling at each other tonight over a paper towel. This while I'm trying to put Andrew to bed--he has a fever and is feeling pretty puny. It's hard to understand why they act the way they do sometimes. After the yelling (theirs and mine), they settled down and Adam fixed a bagel for Abby so I could continue to put Andrew to bed and she could have a snack before she went to bed. You're right, there IS hope!

Lisa said...

I so wish I had some great words of wisdom for you but God knew I needed large age gaps between children. I'm not sure I would have handled "Stop touching me!" very well.

Funny that God has laid two adoptions on our hearts and that they will likely be relatively close in age! I'll probably be asking you what to do someday.

I'm sure it's an adjustment phase and that it will get better soon. You're a great mom! And you're certainly not the first or last to want to pull your hair out. Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Awe how sweet. I would love to see some of the Kung Fu shots! :)
At least it would be entertaining from my perspective!
Aunt Cici

Heather said...

I agree - where are the Kung Fu take downs, ha! You keep me laughing and thanks for always reminding me that my kids (and yours) are totally normal. We too have that love/hate thing going on here some days and I don't have a Tupperware cabinet to hide in!!!

And I can totally spell just in case you wondered ... In my last comment I meant it doesn't suit you not suite you. :)