What happened to November?

I suppose it was lost in a fog of Guangzhou and Beijing, China, jetlag, and a pint sized dynamo who is now our son! Seriously though, I can't believe that today is December 1! I made a batch of home-made vegetable beef soup for our supper tonight, but seeings that it is the two year anniversary of the day we first saw Kylie's face, I think we'll put the soup in the fridge and head to Pei Wei!
Wowzers, two years ago yesterday we got the most anticipated call we've ever received, and two years ago today we waited patiently (well, until FedEx was FIVE hours late delivering the referral packet) to see Kylie's face!

This picture arrived on December 1, 2006, but was taken for her dossier on August 18, 2006.


Our Journey said...

Happy Referral Day! Chinese food was consumed here again too!!

Amy Woods said...

Happy Referralversary!!! Have a wonderful dinner out!!

Anonymous said...

yay for referrals!
Aunt Cici