"Pitty yites!"

Our little family is getting the treat of having my brother Alexander with us for the weekend. Ever since his long stay with us back in March over Easter (check out this blast from the past ~ I've spent a lot of time reading in the archives this weekend and being amazed at how little Kylie looked this past spring) Kylie has LOVED her Uncle Alexander. She talks about him a lot and really looks forward to his visits. Caleb met him for the first time yesterday afternoon and seems to think his uncle is one pretty cool guy already!

After dinner last night we took a ride to see some lights. Now this wasn't just a Griswold display, this place has it's own website! Lake Myra (here's the link) was impressive to say the least! We drove up, parked the car and went to "oohh and aahh" over the computer driven show.

Alexander learns first hand how difficult getting two toddlers to look at the camera and smile at the same time really is...

Yes, they wore their pajamas! We broke the rules on bedtime, but at least planned ahead enough for them to go straight to bed...

The video is kinda long, but I left it all to give an idea of how big the show is. Overall it lasted for about 30 minutes and included some fun Christmas songs, a few carols, and even a Christian based Christmas rap! By the way, if you watch through to the end of the video you can catch a silhouette of Kylie dancing ~ cute stuff!

We sang plenty of VeggieTales on the way home and then quickly got to bed just a little late ~ good times, good times!


Amy Woods said...

Wow that seems neat!! I've seen that before online but in person I'll bet its spectacular! Maybe someday we'll wander that way....maybe!

Our Journey said...

Our favorite Chrismtas tradition! We had a house last year here that you tuned in your radio in the car & drove by and it went to the music.. it was great! The kids got it right, you can't help but dance!

Nicole said...

Wow, that looks like fun!

Anonymous said...

I've seen video of that before, that is very impressive! I must say seeing the little dancers in the end is priceless!
Aunt Cici

Anonymous said...

Know you've had a great weekend with Alexander there with you. One time soon, I hope he will be able to come back to Charlotte. I'd love to see him.

Those lights sound amazing! I'd love to see them. Would love to have seen Kylie dancing to the music. She just cracks me up!

Can't wait to see all of you on Wednesday (Christmas Eve). Safe travel.

God be with you, LaoLao