"I will wear my pitty red dess for Yuci's wed-din"

And wear it she did!

(Before I reflect upon that, let me keep it real with two two year olds in the house. I saw last night that it was to be warm today, so I was hoping for a trip to the park. But then we got up and it was drizzly, so that was out. By 9:30 it was obvious that staying home was going to be a bad choice as they were finding excuses to pull one another's hair, so I made the only sane choice ~ head to the mall for the free play area. After we got home peanut butter sandwiches were requested and somehow I ended up with a bunch of it smeared down my shirt and pants. But now the babes are back to angelic status, (read: they are sleeping) my pants and shirt are uncomfortably wet (decided to go ahead and get the peanut butter off just in case we head anywhere else today so that I don't forget about it. Have I told the story of "banana butt" yet?) and I am scarfing down a handful of Reeses Pieces mixed with dark chocolate M&M's (Target was out of peanut butter M&M's Monday night, so I did what any self respecting, two toddler loving, chocolate craving woman would do ~ buy Reeses Pieces and M&M's and mix the two into a giant Tupperware bowl that is hidden to everyone else in the family!) and updating the blog for my family.

So, back to the wedding. I wish I had taken video of Kylie when I told her she could FINALLY put on her red dress! She was beyond excited and kept saying, "I yook yike a pincess!" Actually I think we all dressed up rather well!Thank you Target for supplying cute formal clothes for kids at REASONABLE prices!

Just before we left for the wedding my Aunt Carolyn and Uncle Lynn stopped by to see us and meet Caleb. They were in town for Jonathan's funeral. We had a short but nice visit with them. Kylie was so happy to see Sara (Jonathan's sister ~ please continue to pray for her and the rest of the family too!).
If my girl keeps growing the way she has, she'll catch almost 7 year old Sara soon!

The wedding was beautiful, but knowing Luci, I knew it would be! Caleb was squirmy, but quiet as a church mouse and the only sounds Kylie made were gasps when she saw Luci and little murmurs like, "Miss Yuci looks soooo pitty!" or "What dey saying Daddy?" When it came time for the groom to kiss the bride Kylie looked at Ian and said, "Oh yuck!" And then she asked if because Luci and Chad were married if they were going to call each other "honey" now. Too cute!

As much as Kylie enjoyed the ceremony, it was no comparison for how much she LOVED the reception! It was all we could do to make her sit still long enough to eat her cheeseburger (with ketchup and extra pickles ~ we decided that wedding food may be a bit too fancy for the kids and went through McDonald's on the way to the reception) because once the music started, she wanted to dance. And of course, once again, monkey see, monkey do!
Then finally came the highlight of Kylie's evening. Miss Luci came over and asked her to dance. Kylie was so excited! I hate that my only picture is a bit blurry, but I think you can tell how much fun Kylie was having as her feet aren't on the floor!Luci wore her mother's wedding dress that her grandmother made over 40 years ago.

Both kiddos danced until they could hardly stand up and then sacked out in the car on the way back to Mama's. That is, until we heard a sweet little voice from the backseat, "Mommy, my beddy hungy!" so we stopped to get some fries from McDonald's because, after all, it was a special day!


Cindy M said...

First of all, I have to say that my heart swells with have arrived, my dear friend...two stops at McDonald's in one day???? :-)

Okay, now on to drooling over your adorable two kiddos! That red dress is DARLING! And Caleb just looks SO cute in his formal attire! Don't little boys just melt your heart when they're all dressed up?

And I cannot believe how tall Kylie is compared to Sara! WOW! She must be fairly petite for her age (Sara).

Wish we could curl up on the sofa and chat during nap'd share your bowl of goodies with ME, wouldn't you???

Mom of Triple As said...

The kids look sooo cute all dressed up. Glad you found something for Kylie so she could keep her arms warm.

Your snack sounds WONDERFUL. There have been cookies in the office today, and I've consummed more than my fair share. My scales have hit a new milestone and unfortunately it is not a good one. You may need to teach me about weightwatchers....

Nicole said...

What an absolutely beautiful family!!!

Kristi said...

Yes Cindy, I'd share my snack with you ~ as long as you PROMISED not to tell the rest of my family...

Laurie said...

Okay, those are the cutest pictures EVER!! You all look GREAT, but Kylie in that dress- WOW- just stunning! The dancing shots were great, and I loved how Caleb just joined right in. :) So cute!!

Nancy said...

Oh my gosh! The kids look so cute in their formal wear! Reading what Kylie says makes my heart melt. I can't wait for Noah to say cute things (but then again, maybe I can wait... I don't want him to grow up too fast!). LOVE the bride's dress. Its beautiful!

Anonymous said...

She looks so cute in that red dress! And Caleb looks dashing!
They are so precious! I just love them!
Aunt Cici

Anonymous said...

What a fast, furious weekend. I'm just delighted that you were here with me so I could see you between events. The kids were so adorable in their "dress-up" clothes. The dancing pictures are delightful. Miss Lucy does look beautiful.
Love, LaoLao

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