Brief time with family

Saturday and Sunday morning passed all too quickly!

Because the house is still on the market and the last thing we wanted to worry about while jet-lagged was keeping it tidy in case of a showing, we decided to stay at mom's during our time in Charlotte. I wanted to stay up late and talk to Mama Friday night, but my fear of Caleb waking up through the night caused me to go on to bed. Thankfully he slept (with the exception of one brief stirring that lasted only five minutes) until 7:45 and I felt refreshed, if not completely rested, in the morning. Mama got up when she heard us and we chatted while watching my little busy man explore her house. He caught sight of the cats and was amazed, so we decided to go outside and check them out. (By the way, if it looks like he is wearing the same thing from the previous night, he was ~ I didn't have the heart to wake him up to change him by the time we got to Mama's house).

"Here kitty kitty" ~ or whatever that sounds like in baby Chinese...

He had done so well with Felicia and Ripkin that when Ian woke up we decided it was as good of a time as any for him to meet Maya.
Not too sure, but a better reaction that when his big sister first saw our furry child!
Check out this post for Kylie's first reaction to Maya.

When Kylie finally joined the party (at this point Ian's mom had arrived and Adam & Traci were on the way) it was time for her to eat something. I've always said that Mama's scrambled eggs are so much better than my own ~ Kylie won't touch my eggs, but she (and her brother who refused them everywhere we were in China) chowed down on the ones LaoLao fixed for them.
Sure a few dining rules are being broken here, but what happens at Grandma's stays at Grandma's, right?

Adam's dad arrived later in the afternoon and we all just sat around talking, looking at pictures, eating (thanks Beth for the home-made Ranch dressing ~ I consumed almost all of it myself!), and playing with the kids...

Daddy gives Kylie a basket ride better than any amusement park!
Do we have another musician on our hands?

I struggled to stay awake until 9pm and then graciously my family allowed me to turn in for the evening. Sunday we watched the kids eat breakfast,

A first course of Honey Nut Cheerios and raisins followed by the left-over Oodles of Noodles from yesterday...

attended an amazing worship service at our church that we miss so dearly, were hugged by so many friends there, then came back to Mama's to pack up. The kids got to stretch their legs for a few minutes while Ian and I tried to re figure the puzzle of fitting all our luggage, Maya and her dog bed, and the generous gifts that folks gave us upon arrival.

Yes, Caleb has his own tricycle ~ Mama saw another one and just couldn't resist!

And then it was time to tearfully say goodbye, load the kids and Maya into the Highlander, and complete the long journey to our new home...


Nicole said...

I wish you would have gotten more time with your family! Soon I am sure. Those pictures of the two of them there at your mom's, so sweet!

Nancy said...

That's great that you did a "layover" at your mom's before heading home. Sorry it was cut short.

Traci said...

WE surely miss you guys already. The weekend was too short! I miss my hugs from Kylie Bug. I guess I'll just have to be patient to wait for Caleb to know who I am.
Love ya

Anonymous said...

It was a blessing to have you with me for even the short time. Caleb did so well. Hard to believe that just two weeks ago he was living an entirely different life in China. Love truly does breakdown all barriers.