4am bagel call...

So I think that I forgot to mention that Kylie fell asleep promptly upon our return to the bus (at the Great Wall) last night. She was out cold in my arms in under four minutes! We hit some heavy traffic on the way back into town and the ride took about 1 1/2 hours. She slept the entire way and could only open her eyes at supper to eat a few bites of rice ~ wish you had seen her using her chopsticks! Then she was back out and slept soundly, until 4:21 am...

I heard her little voice say, "Mommy, my beddy hungy!" So I turned on the bathroom light, was thankful that I had brought a bag of mini bagels, the Jif "to go" cups and some jelly packets from the airport. She giggled as we feasted on peanut butter and jelly bagel in the semi darkness. Then she really got giggly when I let her stick her finger in the peanut butter to finish it up!

After we ate, I gave her an early morning bath. When we were done, we just sat whispering in the dark. I was tired, but I realized that it won't be much longer that it is just the two of us, so I decided to savor the moment. After a while she wanted to watch her DVD player and selected Adam and Traci's wedding video. She was totally amazed that her beloved CiCi and Unca Adahm were in a movie! Just had to share a picture I caught of she and her daddy snuggling while she watched (Ian was sorta sleeping) around 5:30.

We head out for the day shortly, hopefully I'll get to post tonight but I'm not sure of internet connection in our next hotel. So did I mention that there is now only ONE sleep until Caleb? How excited are we?


Jeff and Valerie said...

Oh my gosh ... you are IN CHINA NOW!!!! Yikes. I am not on the computer enough. Well heck, now I will be logging in daily.



Anonymous said...

Awe, I didn't even think about how the time change would affect Kylie. I guess it is hard to convince a little person that it is time to sleep when their bodies say it isn't.
How random and awesome is it that you have our wedding video to show Kylie. That made me grin! Caleb will get to see us before he actually "sees" us!
You better post asap after you get Caleb! I'll be checking every hour through the night Sunday night!!! Do you know what time you get him on Monday? We will be praying for a smooth and wonderful transition!!! I can't WAIT to see new pictures of him! And to hear how Kylie likes him!!! I am SOOOO EXCITED!
Caleb, Aunt Cici and Uncle Adam love you so much and we wish we were there so bad!!!!
And Kylie we miss you baby girl! It has been fun to see pictures of you in 'you're China'!
We love you all!!!
Aunt Cici and Uncle Adam

Jordan Carl said...

O what fun time changes can be! I was the same way when we went to Arizona, but I can imagine China would be a little more of a change. It's getting so close I am excited. I was wondering too if it is your goal in life to make me blush as much as you can? Cause I did a little bit, not as much as you might have liked, but a little ; ) Love you all lots and lots, can't wait to see pictures of Caleb.

Anonymous said...

Kristi, Ian, and Kylie: It is such an inspiration to read and live through your experiences right now. I am truly exicited that Kylie is getting a brother. How lucky is Caleb to be granted such wonderful parents and a sister that already loves him more than words. You are all in my thoughts. Christy

Nancy said...

Its 5:03 AM China time (5:03 pm in PA). Just hours until you meet Caleb! I am so excited for all of you!!!

Donna said...

Hi Guys!
By the time you read this it will be Caleb Day!!! We are SO thrilled for you!!! Enjoy every minute!!
Love you guys!
The Page Bunch

Sharon said...

It is 6:15 am Monday in China right now. I am praying for you guys as in a few hours Caleb will be in your arms!! WOW! Can't wait to check in tomorrow and see pictures. May your day be SO sweet as we sleep here in the US.

Anonymous said...

The Begemans are praying for you and can't wait to see pictures of the four of you on your blog tomorrow. It's still hard to believe you're really there!

Cindy M said...

Oh, whoah, wow! Our kids were so stinkin' tired, we were draggin' them out of bed for breakfast...I'll bet it's totally different with a little one.

By now, it's morning in China...did you fly to Wuhan Sunday night?? Either way, TODAY is THE DAY!!! Can't believe it! Much love to all of you!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ian, Kristi, Kylie, and Caleb! (This is Kate and Andy) Oh we are so happy for all of you and can't wait to meet Caleb. Kylie seems so comfortable in China. We are praying for all of you and waiting impatiently for your next post. We miss all of you and Andy says he especially misses Kylie!
Love you!

Anonymous said...

Hello!!! I just got back from the beach visiting my friend and before I left the computer was!! I came straight in and read your updates!! My heart is so full it is about to burst!!! It sounds like God has been answering the prayers of His children!! Wow!! today is the day Caleb will join your family!!! We are praying for his little heart even now as he prepares to leave the only life he has ever known...but we know the end of the story!!...and it is very, very good!! We wait with eager anticipation to see you all as a family of four!! Praying God's richest blessings for you today!! Much love from Raleigh!!!
The Watkins Crew(Battle, Shannon,Graham, Noah and Lottie)

Anonymous said...

I just got back from the beach visiting my friend and the computer was down before I!! came right in and began reading your updates!! sounds as if God has been answering the prayers of His children!!! And to think THIS is the day!!! Praying for Caleb's little heart even now as he is preparing to leave the only life he has ever known...but we know the rest of the story..and it is very, very good!!! Praying God's richest blessings on you today!!! Waiting with eager anticipation to see you as a family of four!!! Much love from Raleigh!!!
The Watkins crew ( Battle Shannon Graham Noah and Lottie)
Hopefully this will go through on my 4th attempt :)