Prayers needed

I'm posting today on behalf of a family that I haven't met in person, only through email in our Waiting Child Yahoo group for our agency. The short version of the story is that their daughter is much sicker than they had anticipated and instead of meeting Susannah in the civil affairs office along with the other families, they were taken to a hospital to meet her. Currently they are stuck in the legal process of making Susannah their daughter and getting her more advanced care. Please pray that God will step in and reveal Himself in a mighty way because the believers that read this blog know how mighty He is!

To read the first post about Susannah's current condition, go here. If you click on the title of their blog you can keep up to date with what is going on. My heart breaks for this family as I can't imagine finding Caleb in such a condition when we get to China next month.

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Anonymous said...

This picture of Susannah makes me so sad! I just cried seeing her big eyes. I can't imagine what her parents must be feeling!

We will be praying!