Needing your prayers

I just got a call from Kristi, who's at the ER with her mom, to let me know that her mom is having a bunch of tests run right now to see why she's been in so much pain for the last few days. The doctor suspects that she has appendicitis. Please pray with me & us that the doctors are able to confirm what is going on and that they will be able to treat her quickly and with as little pain and discomfort as possible. Thank you for your prayers, we know they are heard and that they work!


Cindy M said...

Praying! What a crazy day for you guys!

C.C. said... sorry to hear that. Keep us posted.

Laurie said...

Thank you for letting us know, Ian. We'll be keeping the whole family in our prayers. Please keep us posted.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your prayers. The ER sent me to another doctor and he suspects a bacterial infection in my abdomen!? Never heard of such a thing but am taking his prescribed Antibiotics (2) and am trusting God to take away the pain and pressure.
In Jesus, Saundra Shultz (Kristi's mom and Kylie's LaoLao