Who knew...

...that Hello Kitty scissors (while being supervised) could provide over an hour of entertainment? Best part is that she insists on helping with the clean-up!

I knew about this mess being made as I was folding the beach laundry while she practiced cutting. One mess in the making that I missed happened the day we got home from the beach. Kylie decided to take matters of getting some chocolate milk into her own hands while Ian and I unloaded the car. Ian came in from garage with arms full and yells to me, "Do you know what your daughter is doing?" (which is usually a heads up to grab the camera ~ sadly it had a dead battery from the beach). Since I don't have digital images, let me paint you a picture. Adorable two year old standing in the kitchen, head leaned back, slugging syrup from the Hershey's bottle, chocolate sauce dripping down her face... Now that's a priceless memory etched into my mind!


Unknown said...

You will have to do as I did in the old days. Get a king size sheet that has to be laid out every time the kids start to do busy work. Then you can pull up the corners with their help and it all goes to the middle and a whole lot easier to clean up. The boys learned that if they made a mess they had to help clean it up and it was fun doing it. Such a simple idea. The sheet was left in their room so that they could get it when they wanted it.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, chocolate. Can picture it running down her little face and a big smile on her lips! I'd surely blow-up the picture if you had gotten it on film. What a good job you are doing with your scissors, Kylie. I'm so proud of you.

Anonymous said...

Fun times with Hello Kitty! And sanity for mommy!
Aunt Cici