"Dat for Taeb's room!"

(Kylie speak for "That's for Caleb's room!")

Two weeks ago as I walked past Caleb's room (currently the guest room) I looked at Ian and said, "We're acting as if we have all the time in the world ~ we'd better get moving on Caleb's room!" So that afternoon we googled until I thought my computer would give out in our search for a big boy bed and bedding for Caleb.

Last Saturday his bed arrived

and this Saturday his quilts arrived.

So while I'd love to be holding my son in my arms, for now I'll throw my extra energy into making him a place of his own in our home. We're at day 52 of our wait for RA. Here's praying it comes soon!


C.C. said...

He's going to love his big boy room!!

NaiNai Miller said...

What a handsome bed and fun boy quilt set. He will love to have friends overnight like Kylie does. Seeing Caleb's bedroom take shape helps the endless waiting. What a joy it will be to have both children in the house.
Love, NaiNai Miller

Anonymous said...

Getting Caleb's room ready makes it all more real - I'm a grandmother again of a precious little boy! WooHoo Kylie, you will be a wonderful big sister.

Bella's momma said...

I hope it comes soon also. He is going to have and adorable room waiting for him!!!

Anonymous said...

We can't wait to meet Caleb! Aunt Cici will help you with his nursery!
Aunt Cici