"Panda"-monium (recap of July 10)

The one thing we had left to see in DC from Caroline's family "to do" list was the National Zoo. Sure we both have great zoos in our home states, but neither of us have panda bears. So we packed up our vehicles that morning and hit the zoo on our way out of town.

We had brief stops to see the gorillas, the elephants, and the hippos, but both of our little girls were calling out, "Pan-nah, where rrr you?" I think both were quite disappointed that the pandas were taking their afternoon siesta, so we found some fun panda statues to pose with as well.

Add to the picture a loud chorus from Kylie and Caroline of "Wake up pan-nah!"

"This pan-nah is old school to me Caroline, I saw it back in December..."

Abby, Mickey, Kylie (she sure loved having a big brother for a few days), Caroline, and Mindy

"This one doesn't move, but at least it is sitting up!"

"Just returning the favor of you pushing me in my stroller!"

We stopped by a shop for panda purses, visited the zebras and the Komodo dragons, and then we piled back into our cars for the drive to Natural Bridge for our "Guangdong Gals" reunion! The 3 1/2 hour drive (actually closer to 5 due to traffic issues on 66 West) seemed endless in anticipation of reuniting with 9 of the 10 families we traveled to China with last year...

More to come on a reunion that we loved every minute of, but have I mentioned that WE HAVE A SON? Please check this post and leave us a message!


Anonymous said...

Awe looks like those girls had fun together.
Aunt Cici

Anonymous said...

What a fun day at the zoo. How special that your two families could share DC together.