Nine years?

Time has a funny way of standing still when you want it to fly (take for example waiting for news from China) and flying by when you least expect it! In some ways it seems that Ian and I have been married forever, and in others it seems like just yesterday. I suppose that it falls somewhere in between as today is our nine year anniversary!

Nine years is 3,285 days! It is somewhat surreal to think that I've been married to my best friend that long! Here we are over 3000 days later and I still smile when he walks into a room. How lucky am I to have a partner in life that loves me even when I'm a bit "unlovable." It has been fun over the past 17 months to watch him develop into the role of an amazing father too and I sure can't wait to see him as the father of two! (Cause have I mentioned lately that in addition to our vivacious daughter that we have a SON waiting for us in China?)

As a fun treat today one of my closest friends from back in high school days gave me sneak peak at the video of our wedding that he's putting together for us. It's only about 30 seconds long, but it sure brought back some great memories. Thanks Craig!

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Laurie said...

Happy Anniversary!! Scott and I just celebrated year 10 in May- we're so close on SO many things, aren't we? I'm just doing things 10 years older than you, but other than that, very similar. Ha! The video teaser is great- you guys look adorable!!

Allison said...

Happy Anniversary to y'all. We celebrated our 9th this year too!

Nancy said...

Happy Anniversary! Our 9th is in October! Your entry is totally how I feel too... I can't remember what it was like without Dave but at the same time, I don't feel like we've been together that long! And isn't it cool how you fall in love all over again when you see your husband become a fabulous dad?

Anonymous said...

How I praise God for the beautiful union between you two. You are so blessed as a couple and I am so blessed as a mother to see her daughter married to a man of God who is the true Spiritual leader of their home. Your constant love and support of each other is a testimony to others of God's perfect love. Happy Anniversary!
Mama Shultz

Bella's momma said...

Happy Anniversary~

This post was beautiful!!!

have a blessed weekend and anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Awe very nice! Wow can't believe that was 9 years ago. Seems like it was yesterday!
Aunt Cici

Bobby and Jennifer Barbee and family said...

Happy Anniversary and congratulations! I just heard the news about your SON! WOW! E-mail me please - I don't have your address anymore (long computer story).

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! Our 9 year is in October. 1999 was a year of weddings at BUMC! Love the sneak peak video. And look at us now - "grown ups"(yeah right) with kids. WOW!
Stephanie Y