Celebrating 90 years

Most birthday parties last a few hours ~ not in my family though...

Grandpa's party started at 1 and the last guests left my aunt's house around 10:30! We started the celebration with a phone call to my cousin's son Joshua. Josh is one of the four great-grandkids that missed the party because he is stationed in Afganistan. (Please offer prayers for his safety until he returns to the US in late summer of 2009) After everyone got a chance to say hello it was time to eat. Goodness was there a spread!

We sat around and talked, blew bubbles, had a multi-generational game of kickball, jumped rope, threw frisbee, competed in four square, ran races, caught fireflies, and just enjoyed being together.
I'll probably come back and add some details later (I'm so very tired tonight) but for tonight I'll settle for showing how much Kylie enjoyed the party.

Running with cousin Sara

Uncle Roger brings home a few runners in the kickball game.

The winning kickball team ~ Tyler, Me, Tricia, Parker, Colt, Ian, Uncle Roger and John

Grandpa and the "greats"

After the grandkid and great-grandkid photo shoot

"I'm just not sure I get how this jumprope things works..."

So cousin Jami just joined in jumping rope "Kylie style"

Getting frisbee advice from daddy

We couldn't have asked for a better day...


Laurie said...

Wow- we were both in Ohio over the 4th- how fun! I loved reading about your memories of the past. The picture of you, Grandpa and Kylie from behind is precious!! That's a keeper!! Glad you're safely home!

Anonymous said...

That sure was a fun-filled day. We had a great time celebrating Grandpa's birthday. The rest of the world just thinks that the fireworks are just for the 4th of July... little do they know they are for Grandpa! :)

Nancy said...

Oh my gosh! Kylie jumproping is too cute! Looks like a great trip!

Anonymous said...

What a blessing that we were all able to celebrate Grandpa's 90th birthday with him. The pictures will provide memories for years of Grandpa and a big loving family.
Love the jump roping video.