Summertime supper and some of the latest "Kylie-isms"

I've mentioned before that I love summertime. There are so many reasons for this ~ one of them being the bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables available either from our garden or the local produce stand. Sweet corn takes me back to days as a child on Grandpa's farm. There was always more corn than we could dream of eating. Even after having four (or more) cobs on our plates, Grandma would always say, "There's more corn, keep going..." and we'd try to oblige her!
The corn looked excellent at the farmer's market this week and Kylie decided to help get it ready. I may have been able to shuck three ears in the time she did one, but she was determined to help and quite proud of herself!

For those that have done this parenting thing before, did it completely take your breath away when you realized that you couldn't quite put your finger on when it happened but that you baby was suddenly a child? I mean, it seems like just yesterday when Kylie was learning to use words beyond mama and dada and she's now stringing together seven and eight word sentences! She's also making connections that surprise me and coming up with some of the funniest stuff!

Take the other day for instance. Currently you would have a tough time finding any skin at all on Kylie's knees. (This would be due to the fact that she's running almost everywhere. She rarely falls, but you can count on the falls happening on pavement.) The other day she tripped over something in the house and took the latest scabs off her knees. As I headed toward her to comfort her she looked at me and said (through tears that I thought were real), "My boo-boos hurt ~ a mint make it better!" (insert grin from Kylie now).

Then there's the time that I had my hands in raw chicken in the kitchen. Kylie got into her diaper bag and found the Tylenol bottle that I keep stashed there. She holds it up to me, fake cries and says, "I bite my tongue mommy, I need medicine!" (She was a very good girl and put the Tylenol back in the zippered pouch when I requested). Now that was pretty amazing because she had a mild version of the hand, foot and mouth virus back in April. Due to the sores in her mouth our doctor had told us to give her some Tylenol before meals to help her be able to eat. Two months ago and she remembers...

And of course, the one to be "proud" of ~ Kylie has discovered her "hiney." I'm not sure how it happened, but "hiney" is one of her new favorite words. When she gets off the potty she loves to run around the living room (before I can catch her to put a diaper back on ~ we're still working on pee-pee training) shaking her bottom, giggling, and saying, "See my hiney!" I've got to catch this one on video for her to watch when she's 16!


Laurie said...

What? Our babies are still babies! :) You told me awhile back she could always be my baby! :) Love all the new stories- keep them coming.

Anonymous said...

What a good little helper. No more baby in your home, Kristi. The little buggar pointed out my "hiney" when we got out of the pool on Sunday. Then she just slapped her knee and laughed - I think I have a complex! haha

Cindy M said...

First of all, be glad you don't have a 9 year old boy in your house, whose "butt" comments you must deflect in favor of the word "hiney". Secondly, sometimes it's an love every moment...the ones you've had, the ones you're in, the ones to come...but sometimes my heart aches a bit to realize how fast time flies. I tried to remember the other day when exactly we stopped calling Mickey "the baby" and wondered when it will happen with Caroline. Then my "baby" came over and told me that thunder is when the "kowds bumpin' a gedder and makin' a noise". Sheesh.

Our Journey said...

We were just talking about the baby-to-girl things yesterday! The huge words & long sentances they are saying now!!! And full of such emotion -- so funny! Ok -- the "naked" thing is big around here too -- heee -- love to see that video!!!

Anonymous said...

I think it's something that hits you over and over again. This morning when I was looking for something deep in the canyon of my closet, I found a picture of Andrew when he was truly a baby and wearing those soft, fuzzy, carter footed pajamas. I cried.
Now he sings that song, "I like big butts..." Hiney seems like such a nice word. :)

Anonymous said...

She is becoming so grown up. :( It is sad, but at the same time so fun. She is hilarious. You must get the hiney song on camera. "I see your hiiiiiney, I see your hiiiiiney" She is so funny!
Love Aunt Cici