Snack time

I love the mind of a toddler ~ they are not tied down to the practical, mundane way of thinking we adults have fallen into!

This afternoon before we headed to the park ~ it was too beautiful outside to waste the day having an early dinner ~ Kylie had one of her favorite snacks. (I don't know what the joy of plain, cold penne pasta ~ gimme sauce of some kind! ~ is, but she sure seems to enjoy it!) In fact she enjoyed it so much that while I was checking the fridge for milk levels (the grocery is really close to the park) she decided that Elmo may want a snack too.

And when I told her she was silly for feeding Elmo she decided to take it meaning that he may get dirty... Note her concentration while attempting to put a bib on him!

Oh, and a fun picture from Sunday that shows in a pinch your bloomers can double as a hat! (No, she's not Houdini, the bloomers came off at my mom's when she wanted to take off her tights ~ crazy weathermen, they haven't gotten much right around here lately...)

Whoever said that bloomers were only for bottoms?


Anonymous said...

Kylie, good job keeping Elmo clean with a bib. I love your new hat!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Elmo is so lucky to have such a good mommy!

Girl you've got a bloomer on your head!
Love Aunt Cici