Super Bowl Sundays

Wow has life changed since last year's Super Bowl Sunday! Last year we spent the afternoon (Sunday the 4th of February China time) hiking on the Great Wall of China! And while that had been a lifetime dream of mine, it PALED in comparison of what was to come the very next day ~ but more reminiscing later...

Fast-forward to Super Bowl Sunday 2008... Sure there may have been a big game (in my mind pretty much funny commercials and yummy snack food) later in the day, but our focus was (just like EVERY day) our beautiful, clever, and hilarious daughter!

While we were waiting for lunch at Mama's house, I was reminded why I'm SO GLAD we DO NOT have the lever kind of door handles...

"Let's see here, with a simple flick of the wrist, I'm free!!!"

I guess being around Chaucer (who at nine months is now MUCH taller than three year old Maya) has helped alleviate Kylie's fear of large animals. Tic Tac had gotten into the feed and had to be walked for a while and Kylie just walked right up to him. What a difference from the little girl that used to flip out when she got within five feet of a horse or cow!

"See, I'm not scared of Tic Tac! You are going to hold him, right Mommy?"

Nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby...
And yeah, she's sleeping on my bed at Mom's house. She prefers to nap on our bed at home too. I cared for about two days, but hey, as long as she's sleeping...

After she woke up we took advantage of a beautiful spring-like day (did the weatherman hear that the groundhog saw his shadow?) and went for a walk and to feed the horses. Note my girlie girl carrying her purse (thanks again for such a sweet gift Anah!) while enjoying the great outdoors. But before anyone worries that my little one is getting too pink, please check out the contents of her purse that she packed herself! Just what any little girl would carry, tissues, chapstick, a writing pad, pencils, a motorcycle, and her screwdriver... Yeah, her daddy is proud of his tool toting daughter!

Mama got Kylie a great hat for Christmas from the Hunger Site store and Kylie has recently taken an interest in scarves. Mom knits, so she found some coordinating yarn and made her one. Just before the game, Kylie decided to model her new set. I personally love the bare feet with the look!
"Does Super Bowl mean a big batch of treats from the fridge?"

And here it is, from Super Bowl to Super Bowl, the end of our first year with Kylie. There is a weird part of me that is sad that time has flown by so quickly. But the sad part is only a small part of me, I love the adventure that each new day brings!


C.C. said...

LaoLao's house is like an amusement park!!! You're so blessed to be so close:-)

Anonymous said...

Today was such a special day. Just look at the pictures and see so many "sides" of Kylie! Love the loot in the pocketbook. The sleeping baby makes me say "Awww".

Anonymous said...

I could just squeeze her! She is so cute in that hat and scarf and barefeet!
I love the shot of her petting Tic-tac. I remember her climbing to the top of my head to get away from him before.
She is getting to be such a big girl!
Aunt Traci