My little Wheels on the bus "Diva"

Kylie got a package in the mail from her grandpa (who just got back from a two week trip to Hawaii) this week. When we checked the mail (in jeans, t-shirts, and bare feet ~ man are we having some WARM weather this week) her face lit up when I told her the biggest thing was for her! She started trying to open it before we even got back in the house. We stopped in DaDa's office to show him and in no time she had it open. She was enthralled by the little "muumuu" dress and started pulling her shirt over her head within five seconds of getting her dress out. She proudly wore it all evening!

Oh yeah, how cute is she!

Years ago I can remember thinking that some kids songs were really silly. But now that my little on is the one learning the words, I find myself LOVING the timeless child classic, "The Wheels on the Bus." Kylie has become a huge fan of the whole song, here are a few verses...

Music to my ears!


Cindy M said...

THAT IS HILARIOUS! Seriously, that is the cutest! I love how she looks behind her when she sings, "Move on back!" Hey, we should have a recital at our reunion! Caroline does a rendition of "So long, farewell..." from "The Sound of Music"!

C.C. said...

LOL..I don't know what is cuter: Kylie enjoying her new adorable dress or the singing:-)

Anonymous said...

She is becoming a little "clothes hound". How adorable with the little flower in her hair and the muumuu. She looks like a native Hawaiian. Wheels on the bus is so fun do sing with her. She keeps saying and signing "more". One evening in an ice cream parlor(Adoption Day celebration), we had her singing it for about 15 minutes. Don't know who had more fun, Kylie or the rest of us. What fun!

Billie said...

Oh my --she's SO adorable. I've got a Lianjiang girl as well (a month or two older than Kylie). She adores this clip and we've watched it I-can't-tell-you-how-many time! Thanks for sharing! Billie

Anonymous said...

She is so talented! She is the next litte American Idol.
Aunt Traci