The Facebook Challenge

Just wanted to make one last plea for you to take action if you haven't already done so! I was wrong about the time, the challenge ends at 3pm today. Ian and I have been hitting the refresh button on the causes/facebook page every few minutes and it is SO close. (It's frustrating because we've both already donated, there isn't anything else we can do but ask for you to help!) Currently Love Without Boundaries is in second place (and is poised to win $25,000), but LWB is only a few donors behind the Tibetan Freedom Movement. A few more folks giving $10 could mean the difference between $25,000 and $50,000! If there is a former Chinese orphan in your life (or if there will be soon), please consider giving. Who knows, if part of your heart is still in China, it could save the life of YOUR child!

This really is a great non-profit organization! If you want to see their website, go to Love Without Boundaries...

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