Celebrating Sera

How time flies! Just last night I was sitting at my dining room table with my friend Jen and both of our husbands who were in a spirited conversation about something. Her six year old son was bouncing a ball in the entrance foyer area and I was holding her younger son and Kylie in my lap (much to Kylie's chagrin that she was having to share her mommy at the moment). We were laughing at the chaos and then Jen looked at me and said, "Would you ever have pictured this moment back in 1991?" (The year we graduated from high school...) My answer, "No, life is better than I had imagined!"

We may not be loaded with riches sitting on "easy street" but our life sure is full with loving family and friends that may as well be family! Tonight we got to head to Hickory to celebrate our god-daughter Sera's 9th birthday. (Speaking of time flying ~ it seems just yesterday that I was sitting in the waiting room on the maternity floor of Frye Regional Medical Center waiting to meet her. How can she be turning 9 tomorrow?) We spent a relaxed afternoon taking turns trying to beat Sera on the Wii. She CREAMED me on Guitar Hero, but I did manage to win at tennis! Kylie looks up to her "big sisters" Anah and Sera and wanted to Wii with them.

"Hey Sera, what does this remote do anyway?"

"Oh, I see, I should point it at the TV..."
and from there out Kylie thought she was playing too!

It never ceases to amaze me how Anah and Sera seem so much more mature each time we see them! They are growing up right under my nose. Anah rode with us to DaVinci's and sang with Kylie and kept her entertained. I wish they lived just a bit closer, Anah would make a rocking babysitter!

Back to time flying... a year ago tonight we were super exhausted but finally IN CHINA!!!

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Jeff and Valerie said...

What a sweet relationship the kids have. Kylie looks like she has grown a bit taller. Am I correct? As usual she looks adorable. I haven't tried the Wii yet. Too chicken!