Clothing lesson learned...

So just because an outfit is long and baggy on your child when they last wore it in November...

"I love this roomy new outfit Mama! I feel free to run across the golf course to Dada!"
(this picture is actually from October, but it really still fit fine back in November)

...doesn't mean it will still be so in January!

"So next time you pack for a day at Grandma's, please make sure my pants aren't tight high waters! I'm feeling like this outfit makes me look a bit chunky!"
(guess she's grown despite the colder weather ~ at least the shoes still fit...)

Good news on our friend Lottie! She rallied this afternoon and was sent home from the hospital. Her mom said that she is "perky" for the first time since last Monday morning. Thank you for praying for her!


C.C. said...

Talk about growth spurt!!!!

Laurie said...

Look at the short sleeves too! Man, she really did grow this winter. All those pantry raids- ha! At least she loves healthy food!

Anonymous said...

My little angel surely has grown! They may be "high waters" but she still looked just too cute.

I am thanking God that Lottie is out of the hospital and feeling so much better. Praise Him!


Allison said...

Haha! Maggie wore the same outfit yesterday! Hers is still kinda big.

Jeff and Valerie said...

Too funny! I posted a comment on an above post on how I thought Kylie looked taller.

I always cringe when I put pants on Malia only to find out they are now high waters. They are growing up too fast!

Anonymous said...

Quick put a brick on her head!!!

Aunt Traci